Tesla Model 3/Y Yoke Steering Wheel

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Drive your Tesla Like A Racing Car

This innovative yoke steering wheel for Tesla makes driving fun again. It is designed to allow you to really feel like you’re racing your supercar. 

The yoke steering wheel for Model 3/Y takes its inspiration from high-performance racecars and boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design. The racing-style trapezoid shape is modeled after the steering wheel of a Formula 1 car.

Enjoy A More Comfortable Driving Experience

When you’re in the driver’s seat, you should be fully engaged in your experience. The yoke steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y brings the joy of driving into your daily commute.

From the ergonomic design to the quality materials used, you’ll love how great it feels just holding this Tesla yoke in your hands. It also comes in a heated variant for those colder months. Now experience the thrill without compromising the comfort of your Tesla!

Uncompromising Build Quality

We designed our Tesla yoke steering wheel to bring a level of build quality not seen in most aftermarket steering wheels. The middle trim panel is made in real matte carbon fiber, wrapped in black Nappa leather with black stitching, and carbon fiber on both sides.

With anti-slip properties to prevent fatigue, wear-resistant leather to prevent scratches, and a super soft hand feel, this custom steering wheel is the best way to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your car.



Packaging Includes

  • 1x yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y



  • Carbon fiber
  • Black Nappa leather


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y released before September 2021.



Why should I switch to a yoke-style steering for my Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y?

Our yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y is an instant attention grabber and adds a completely unique personality to your car. It is designed with a racing-style trapezoid shape, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of racing with your own Tesla.

However, the benefits are not just in the aesthetics. You can see more when you have a yoke steering wheel as it cleans up the driver's field of vision. The wider, flatter base also serves as a handrest, especially when the Autopilot is engaged, helping you handle long stretches of driving with ease.

I haven’t used a yoke steering wheel before. Will affect my driving style?

Manipulating the trapezoid-shaped steering wheel might require some adjustments when you first use it. In the beginning, it may feel a bit odd when you need to do a 90-degree or sharper turn. However, most users report that they got used to it in less than a week and that they are never turning back to a regular steering wheel ever again!

Will this aftermarket yoke-style steering wheel fit my Tesla?

Yes, absolutely! The steering wheel uses a Model 3 or Model Y hub for a perfect fit. The detachable design makes it easy to switch back and forth if you decide to upgrade or replace the steering wheel later.

However, please keep in mind that it’s compatible with only the pre-September 2021 Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y cars. To ensure that the yoke-style steering wheel will fit your automobile, please disassemble your current steering wheel and check beneath the airbag. If there are two teeth-like steel protrusions, it won’t fit. Check the “Compatibility” section for the image.

Can I use the yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y with right-hand drive Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y?

Yes, certainly! The yoke steering wheel can be installed on both left-hand drive and right-hand drive Tesla Model 3 and Y, and will blend in perfectly with the interior for either model.

How difficult is it to install it?

Installing the yoke wheel into your Model 3 or Model Y is a relatively simple task. In fact, this aftermarket yoke-style steering wheel is super easy to install, so you won’t need any professional help. You just need only a few Allen wrenches and pliers for the whole process. Just disconnect the battery and driver airbag, then latch on the new yoke-style steering wheel, and then just reconnect both the battery and the airbag.

How well does it work with autopilot?

Our yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y is a game-changer when it comes to driving with your Autopilot on. The bottom of the yoke comes with two hand rests where you can put your hands on it to keep the Autopilot engaged. And the best part? Your hands will not get fatigued as easily as when driving with a regular when because you can rest them on your thighs! 

Is there any risk of airbags going off? 

Not at all! The non-destructive installation and the perfect fit mean that the airbag will not risk exploding.

Can I use this with older Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X that has regular steering wheels? 

Unfortunately, this yoke-style steering wheel is made to the specifications of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y only. You can not use this aftermarket accessory with Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X.

How does the heated steering wheel function work?

As long as your Tesla Model 3 has a built-in heating function, you can enjoy the high-end experience of a heated steering wheel even in winter with our heated variant Yoke Steering Wheel For Tesla Model 3/Y.

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