Tesla Model 3/Y Screen Protector

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Protect the value of your car

Over your vehicle’s lifetime, the navigation screen is one of the parts of the car that you will use the most. While it is not subject to falls like a smartphone for instance, it is still prone to scratches, greasy fingers, fingerprint marks and spills. Having a screen protector will allow you to keep your touchscreen brand new and maintain a higher value if you want to resell your car in the future.


Tailored for Tesla Model 3 and Y screen

Its laser cut will give you a perfect fit for the round edges of the touchscreen and keep a high-transparency rate of 99.9%.


If fingerprint marks drive you insane

You can say goodbye to those fingerprints marks that nag at you every time the sun shines.


Easy to install - Bubbles free 

Step 1: Activate the touch screen cleaning mode and use a clean wipe to clean your touch screen, don’t forget the corners! 

Step 2: If you have use a dust absorber or a sticker to capture the remaining little debris.

Step 3: Follow the installation guide included.



Tempered Glass Film


Packaging Includes

1 Tesla Model 3/Y screen protector

1 Installation Instruction

1 Dust Removal Stickers

1 Alcohol Prep Pad


Compatible with Tesla model Y and Tesla Model 3.

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