Tesla Model 3/Y Side Camera Covers (2017-2020)

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Personalize your Tesla

Your camera covers are broken, and the replacements are too expensive, right? We get you. Here's a better option. We have designed these replacement parts to match your camera covers precisely, so it is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your Tesla Model 3 and Y.

Liven up your Tesla with a pair of stylish side camera covers for Tesla Model 3 and Y. These custom designs will add a unique look while protecting your cameras from dings and scratches. Keeping your Tesla safe and sleek-looking has never been easier.

Let our sporty accent pieces transform your Tesla Model 3 and Y into a real head-turner. Whether it's a matte, bright, or carbon fiber pattern, our selection of covers is sure to meet your needs.

Maintain your Tesla in pristine condition

Keeping your side cameras protected from dents, scrapes, or any damage is no longer a challenge with these stylish side camera covers.

Add a touch of pure performance to your Tesla Model 3 and Y with our custom-designed, easy-to-install side camera covers! Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each trim package offers an ultra-low profile that provides high strength at minimal weight. 

Made from high-quality ABS materials and new processes, the side camera covers for Tesla Model 3 and Y offer scratch-resistant protection, look great and add a unique touch that makes your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Installation is a Breeze

Protect your device, and make it even more awesome. Our revolutionary covers will turn your boring side cameras into fashion statements that are sure to bring attention to your Tesla.

These camera side covers for Tesla are easy to install with no tools required - peel, apply and smooth down the edges gently with your fingertips. It's that simple!

From performance to protection, our new side camera cover for Tesla Model 3 and Y is designed to enhance your driving experience. Each cover is personalized to fit your car, and it’s quick and easy to apply with no messy adhesive.



Packaging Includes

  • A pair of side camera covers for both sides of Tesla



  • ABS


  • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Y (2017 - 2020)



Is it possible to install side camera covers for Tesla Model 3 and Y myself?

Yes, the side camera covers are designed for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. It only takes a soft cloth and a cleaning solution of alcohol and distilled water (available at any large pharmacy). If you are not a DIYer, we recommend having the side camera covers installed by a competent automotive technician.

Is it possible to remove the side camera covers for Tesla once they have been installed?

These side camera covers have been designed for permanent installation to ensure they do not separate from the automotive surfaces while your Tesla is being driven. Nevertheless, they can be removed by heating them with a hairdryer, gently peeling them off, or using a tool. However, removing the Cover can damage the adhesive, deform the cover, and leave some sticky residue on the housing surface.  

Will the addition of the side camera covers increase wind noise?

No. Its thin profile and tight fit will become part of the vehicle surface and not cause any discernable wind noises.

Will the logo be on the side camera covers?

No. Our Tesla side camera covers do not have the logo on them.

What makes the Tesla side camera covers a must-have for my Tesla? 

If you own a Tesla, you need the side camera covers. It is possible to scratch or break the side camera on your beloved Tesla while parking or driving. This complicates finding a replacement. Style meets protection with these Tesla side camera covers designed to give your car a premium look while protecting your camera from any possible damage. 

Is this Tesla side camera cover compatible with other Tesla models?

Our Tesla side camera covers have been designed to fit a wide range of Tesla models perfectly. With our Tesla side camera covers, you can cover Tesla models 3 and Y (2017-2020).

In what manner should the Tesla side camera cover be installed?

The installation method is relatively straightforward. Simply clean the area with a soft cloth and ensure all residue and any unwanted substance are removed. Check the correct location and remove the double-sided tape from the Tesla side camera cover. Place the side camera cover on your Tesla slowly and press evenly with a clean cloth or your fingertip. You should not wash your Tesla for at least 24 hours after installing the Tesla side camera cover.

What is the material used to make the Tesla side camera covers? Will they last for a long time?

We carefully craft these Tesla side camera covers with high-quality ABS material to ensure their durability for a very long time. The covers have also been polished and smoothed to provide better performance.


Do these Tesla side camera covers precisely fit over the camera housings, and are they resistant to wear and tear?

The side camera covers for Tesla Model 3 and Y were precisely designed to fit their respective cameras. In addition, they are scratch- and wear-resistant, so they can withstand vigorous usage.

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