Tesla model Y wheel rim protector set

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Size: 20 inch induction
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Seamless Protection: Our rim protector effortlessly shields your Tesla Model Y's wheels from curb rash during parking or navigating drive-thrus. Never worry about unsightly scratches again.

Easy Installation: Equip your wheels with our rim protector in mere minutes – no tools or experience needed. Enjoy hassle-free application for instant protection.

Conceals Existing Damage: Not only does our rim protector defend your wheels, but it also cleverly conceals existing damage, making them look brand new.



High-quality ABS (color: Black)



Compatible with Tesla Model Y with 20 inch Induction wheels or 21 inch Uberturbine wheels - make sure to select the correct size for your wheels 


Packaging Includes

For Model Y 20 inch induction wheels: one set of rim protector contains a total 40 segments to cover four wheels

For Model Y 21 inch Uberturbine wheels: one set of rim protector contains a total of 24 segments to cover four wheels



How does the rim protector blend with Tesla wheels?

Our custom-engineered rim protector seamlessly blends with your wheels, ensuring an undetectable, sleek appearance.

Can this protector defend against extreme curb damages?

While our rim protector is designed to protect against most day-to-day curb damages, it does not guarantee protection against extreme curb damages.

Is it difficult to install the rim protector?

Not at all! Our rim protector can be easily equipped onto your wheels in mere minutes, requiring no tools or prior experience.

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