Tesla Model Y indoor car cover

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Leaving your beloved car exposed to the elements means risking costly damage to the paintwork and interior. Don't leave it to chance! Our indoor car cover has been designed specifically for your Tesla Model Y, keeping your car protected from the scratches and dust. Thanks to our durable material, double-stitched seams, and breathable fabric, this will last for years while also keeping your car looking as good as new.


Unsurpassed performance

When it comes to keeping your vehicle safe from the elements, there is only one thing you can rely on for being durable, and long-lasting and that's our revolutionary car covers. 

With our incredible product, you'll protect it against dust while also providing breathability that won't trap any nasty odors inside. Made from only premium quality products, you'll never have to be inconvenienced by flimsy car covers again! It's time to buy an indoor car cover for your Model Y and stop settling for less than the best! 

One-of-a-kind functional product

Looking all over for the perfect car cover, just to find more frustration. But every place you turn there are copies, not perfects.

When dealing with a natural work of art like a Tesla, you need superior protection and quality. Don't settle for anything less than the ultimate in style and protection. Be sure to order our indoor car cover designed specifically for your Tesla Y today! We know you deserve the best, especially when it comes to protecting your Model Y. We offer high-quality outdoor covers that keep your Tesla safe from dust, and other debris while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Built to last

Treat your Tesla to an indoor car cover, which is the perfect way to extend the life of your car and can also help reduce insurance premiums. With our special design and superior quality, this is tailor-made to give the ultimate protection to your beloved car while enhancing its appearance. Carefully crafted from only high-quality materials, this revolutionary cover helps retain the original luster of your vehicle's finish for enhanced protection against scratches and dust. Unlike other covers that hide your vehicle under a bulky fabric bed sheet, this custom-fit car cover keeps your ride protected in its authentic sleek style.


Packaging Includes

  • 1x indoor car cover (color Black)
  • 1x storage bag



  • Polyester with fleece lining



  • Only compatible with Tesla Model Y.



Will this cover fit my Tesla Model Y snugly?

Yes, our indoor car cover is specifically designed to fit the contours of the Tesla Model Y, providing a custom fit that hugs every curve for maximum protection.

Can I keep this cover on while charging my Tesla?

Absolutely! The cover features convenient charge port openings, allowing you to keep it on during charging sessions without any hassle.

How does the ventilated mesh benefit my Tesla during storage?

The ventilated mesh panels promote airflow, preventing heat buildup and ensuring efficient charging while your Tesla is safely covered, preserving both battery life and exterior condition.

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