Tesla Model Y Seat Covers - Set of 12 Pieces *5 Seater version*

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Protect for the future, get extra comfort now

Protect your investment with our Tesla Model Y seat covers. Investing in covers will preserve your Model Y OEM seats for an additional 5 years. This accessory is an essential if you have kids, pets or transport people frequently. You can drive peacefully and let your loved ones go wild on the back seats. 

Ideal if you own white seats. You love your white interior but fear that your seats will be hard to clean over time? Adding our white seat protections will protect your interior without compromising the look.

For your routine cleaning, we made our seat covers with a water resistant leather that can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. 

A new look with no compromise

Wether you are simply looking for comfort and protection or you want to refresh your MY interior, our Tesla seat covers are available in 3 noticeable colors: White, black and red. They will offer you a new look with no compromise, will give you a satisfying factory feel thanks to our high quality leather.

Designed for Tesla Model Y only, our seat covers are adapted for the airbag and seat buckles.

High Quality Leather for your comfort

The breathable leather of our seat covers give you an immediate extra comfort, all year round and all seasons. The extra layer of leather added to your seats  will make your drives more comfy.


Please note that Tesla does NOT recommend using seat covers as they believe doing so could restrict deployment of the seat-mounted side airbags if a collision occurs. Also, if the vehicle is equipped with an occupant detection system that is used to determine the status of the passenger front airbag, seat covers may interfere with this system. 


Estimated time for installation: 30-40 minutes

Packaging Includes

Set of 12 Pieces: 4 front covers, 8 back covers

Package Dimensions: 33.0 x 25.0 x 5.5 inches



Top-grade soft leather, our seat protections are wear-resistant, anti-static, breathable, sweat-free, and drape-resistant and eco-friendly.



Designed for Tesla Model Y with five seats interior, and for Left-Hand Drive only


Tesla Model Y seat covers FAQ

Q: Are these seat covers compatible with other Tesla Models?

A: These covers are only designed for Tesla Model Y with 5 seats interior, if you own a Model 3, please check this page.

Q: Will the Talsem seat covers prevent the front seat airbag to work?

A: We have designed our model Y covers to allow the deployment of the front seat airbags.

Q: How to protect and keep your Tesla white seats clean?

A: After adding your new covers to your seats, wash them every now and then with a wet cloth. You can also use leather protection products once in a while for better results!
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