Tesla Model Y Road Noise Reduction Kit

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Enhanced Quietness and Comfort:

Tired of hearing road noise in your Model Y ? Our 10 piece road noise reduction kit is designed to make your car quieter, providing a serene, comfortable environment for you and your passengers. Imagine cruising down the highway with up to 5 dB less noise, enabling easier conversations and more enjoyable rides. This kit is your ticket to tranquility on the road.

Improved Protection from Outdoor Elements:

This kit doesn't just dampen noise, it also helps keep water and dirt from getting inside your door sills. Picture yourself driving through a rainy day, confident that the seals on your door are preventing water from seeping in. The added seal also plays a vital role in reducing wind noise, providing an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Self-Installable Design :

Unlike other products, our kit is completely self-installing, needing less than 30 minutes and no tools. You'll appreciate the convenience of installing the kit at your own pace and time. Plus, our kit is made from a soft EPDM Sponge rubber compound selected for outdoor use that would offer you peace of mind. 


  • Soft EPDM Sponge rubber compound


  • 10 piece kit
  • Includes seals for trunk and frunk
  • Reduces road noise by up to 5 dB
  • Self-installation, takes less than 30 minutes
  • Comes with an Adhesive Promoter for easy installation (wipe-on type disposable packet)
  • Suitable for Tesla Model Y
With the Tesla Model Y Road Noise Reduction Kit, you'll not only enjoy quieter drives, but you'll also protect your car from outdoor elements, ensuring it continues to provide the high-quality performance you expect from a Tesla. It's an essential addition for any Tesla owner who values comfort, protection, and peace of mind.
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