Tesla Model Y Frunk Cooler For Front Trunk

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Fresh food on the go

Why have a warm Coca-Cola when you can have an icy-cold one as if it just came out of the refrigerator?

Redefine your road trips with this cooler made for your Tesla Model Y frunk cooler. Leave those boring metal coolers at home and start enjoying your outdoor activities with this stylish and dependable Tesla cooler bag for model Y that stores drinks to maintain their potency and shelf-life

Designed to keep your frozen snacks and beverages at just the right temperature for hours, this is, without a doubt, the must-have cooler bag for Tesla owners.

Strong and sturdy construction

With a simple and fresh look and a remarkably resilient material, we build an insulated bag that effortlessly fits your needs.

Made of premium materials, boasting a strong insulation capacity, and meticulously detailed to ensure its durability, this innovative frunk cooler bag will last you an incredibly long time.  

Taking road trips just got even better. With our patented design, which features a polyester lining and an insulated cooling compartment, you can keep your drinks cold for hours, or even days!

Ergonomic Design

Whatever the adventure, you'll have everything you need with this frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y.

Designed with two zippered pockets and an additional mesh pocket to help keep things separated and neat, this cooler bag is well-designed for your convenience. 

We make sure that you always have a bottle opener with you! The built-in bottle opener in our frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y allows for effortless access, no matter how large or small the can is. Whether it's lemonade, soda, beer, or kombucha, this cooler puts the "pop" in your party.



Packaging Includes

  • 1x frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y



  • Polyester


  • Tesla Model Y only



What makes this frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y a must-have for my Tesla?

Your Tesla road trips just got better. Whether you're looking for style or quality, this compact cooling unit will impress you with its simplistic design, durability, and powerful cooling system. The frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y was built with your convenience in mind, so you never have to be without your favorite cold drink and enjoy them at the perfect temperature, no matter how long the journey is!

Does installing the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y cause any damage to the interior of Tesla cars?

Absolutely not! Designed to fit perfectly into the hollow area of your Tesla Model Y frunk, this incredible bag can be placed in an instant. You can rest assured your Tesla will not be damaged by this process since it requires no additional tools or machines. 

How long will I be able to use this frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y? 

The attention to detail and the high-quality polyester fabric used to make this durable bag allow you to count on it to hold up to all wear and tear for years to come. 

Does this frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y come out of the frunk easily? 

Yes, very much. With the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y, you get two straps that can be attached, as well as a sturdy shoulder strap. Taking it out is easy; you can either use the long shoulder straps or the short handles. 

Can this frunk cooler be used to transport liquids on Tesla Model Y?

Of course. Fill the frunk cooler with all your favorite canned goods, bottles, and beverages. If you want a refreshing long-distance adventure, add enough ice so your drink will stay cold for as long as possible. Thankfully, this frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y is waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing it won't leak and stain your Tesla interior! 

What is the purpose of the mesh pocket in the frunk cooler bag for the Tesla Model Y?

There is an additional mesh pocket in the Tesla Model Y trunk cooler that you can use to store your favorite can, so it's always within reach. 

Can those two straps be connected to the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y? 

Yes, of course. The frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y comes with two straps attached with Velcro fasteners, making it easier to carry the cooler bag in and out of the trunk.  

How do I clean the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y? 

The frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y is waterproof, so you can clean it with water and soap without having to worry that it might harm the cooler bag or affect its performance. 

Is the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y uniform in its size?

No. Even though it looks uniform on all four sides, the back of the frunk cooler for the Tesla Model Y has a little more room than the front, so you can stuff more on the back and zip it up for convenience. 

What is the best way to use the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y?

To achieve the best results, it is always recommended to add more ice. It is also important to use ice bags, waterproof ice gel boxes, or ice gel coolers to keep the food cold for longer and prevent melting compared to bare ice cubes that dissolve over time. 

Does the frunk cooler for Model Y keep beers cold enough to last an entire day?

Definitely, the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y keeps drinks, and beverages cool longer, potentially over a day if enough ice is used. 

Is there a way to drain water from the frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y? 

Draining the water from the Frunk cooler for Tesla Model Y is a breeze. All that is required is to remove the contents from the cooler bag, tilt it, and automatically release all the water accumulated in the ice.

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