Tesla Model Y All-Weather Floor Mats

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Tesla Model Y.

 Are you looking for more accessories to protect your interior?

Check our back trunk all weather floor mats for Model Y


Don’t waste time cleaning carpets 

Our Tesla floor mats take a lot of the clean-up work out. Not all vehicles are equal, our mats have been specifically designed for Tesla Model Y. Their perfect fit will retain dirt, mud, water and snow better than solution that fits all. Even the dead pedal space on the driving seat is covered! Our floor mats are made of TPR, bringing you higher resistance and a smooth cleaning process. Debris won’t get stuck as they do in your carpet hair!

Protect your car from your friends, loved ones and furry ones who may not be as careful as you do! 

Let go of the anxiety of dirty shoes and drinks spills, we got your back. Let your ride take you to amazing places and don’t have second thoughts when stepping out of the car.

Maintain the value of your car and keep your Model Y interior floor as good as new.

Whether your are anticipating rainy Januarys in California or you live in a region where it snows frequently. Our Model Y floor mats will protect your Tesla interior floor from leaving noticeable stains in all weather conditions.

Pro tip: Getting rid of your OEM Tesla carpets before placing your new Talsem floor mats will give you an edge with your future Tesla buyers.


  • Material: Made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Packaging contains 3 pieces: Driver seat, passenger seat and back row.
  • High Resistance
  • Lightweight


Step 1: Remove your OEM Tesla floor mats 

Step 2: Snap your Talsem mats on the interior floor


What is the difference between the OEM mats and the Talsem floor mats?

The standard OEM mats in your Tesla will be harder to clean and dirt and stains will persist over time. Thanks to the TPR material, our model Y floor mats make it easy for you to remove all debris.

Why do I need floor liners?

Even if you are very careful, dirt is inevitable on your floor, especially when you carry passengers. It will also help you to maintain your original mats intact, which will be a big advantage the day you plan to resell your vehicle.
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