Tesla Model X All-Weather Floor Mats

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Maximum protection for your Tesla Model X

These floor mats are the perfect way to protect the interior of your luxurious Tesla Model X. 

Designed to be easy on the eyes, our mats come in a trendy yet functional elegant black color and are made from high-quality premium TPE compound. They help protect your car floor areas from dust, moisture, and dirt by covering as much of the exposed flat floor area as possible. With this amazing mat, spills and dirt will have no chance of soaking all through it.

Enhances your Tesla interior

We all know that your Tesla Model X is a beautiful car — which is why you bought it in the first place! But even the most gorgeous cars need a little help when it comes to protecting the interior.

We made these floor mats specifically for your Model X, so they fit like a glove. But they're more than just a snug fit; we designed them with laser-cut precision so that they complement your car's design in a way no other floor mats can match.

Anti-skid design

The Tesla Model X all-weather floor mats feature a deep molded tread pattern that channels all spills, stains, and other debris away from foot traffic areas. The textured skid-resistant surface provides increased safety to drivers and passengers alike

Also, the textured skid-resistant surface makes it easy to clean — just sweep them off with a broom or hose them off in the driveway! And you're guaranteed not to slip since they never get slippery underfoot - no matter how wet they get.


Packaging Includes

You will receive six (6) floor mats with every order:

  • One piece Trunk Mat
  • One piece Front Trunk Liner
  • One piece passenger Side mat
  • One piece second Row mat
  • One piece Back Trunk Liner
  • One piece Driver Side Mat



  • Synthetic Rubber
  • TPE
  • XPE


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model X 5 Seat (2016 - 2020)



Does the Tesla Model X come with floor mats?

Yes, it does. But we like to think ours are a little better than those that come standard.

Here's why: ours are custom-designed for maximum protection of the vehicle floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow, and more. 

They have a strong and durable TPE build so they won't get brittle when it gets cold out. And they have a deeply molded tread pattern that channels all spills, stains, dirt, mud, or snow away from foot traffic areas.

The textured skid-resistant surface is easy to clean, too.

Are these all-weather floor mats compatible with my factory mats?

We strongly discourage you from doing so! We designed our all-weather mats for use as standalone mats. Don't use them with another mat. Putting them over another mat could make them shift into an unsafe position. These floor mats need to fit directly on the vehicle floor to work. 

What's the difference between the all-weather mats and other generic after-market mats?

There are many differences, but let's break it down into three main ones.

For starters, our mats are designed with the customer in mind. We have an entire research and design team dedicated to making sure that any product we produce is going to provide them away to feel like they're getting the most out of their vehicle. This means that our manufacturing processes are specifically tailored to ensure that every customer feels like they're getting a high-quality product, which is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Secondly, our mats are made from a unique tri-extruded compound TPE. TPE is a polymer derived from petroleum, and it has some pretty awesome properties; it's odorless, non-toxic in all conditions, and environmentally friendly. It also has excellent heat resistance—300% better than PVC! Because of this (and its ability to withstand cold weather), our mats can stand up to whatever your feet can throw at them! Our customers have been very happy with how well their mats hold up in extreme weather conditions like snow and ice. 

Lastly, we have specially designed tread patterns on our mats. The skid-resistant surface makes them easy to clean and protects your floor from scratches and scuffs while adding a bit of extra luxury flair.

How do I know if the Tesla Model X all-weather floor mats are right for me?

The Tesla Model X all-weather floor mats are designed to be the ideal protection and enhancement for your vehicle's floors. They are tailored specifically to maximize the protection of your vehicle's floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow, and more. The premium quality Thermoplastic Elastomer compound TPE composition ensures 100% odorless, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, and environmentally friendly in all weather conditions. As a result, they provide a clean and comfortable surface that is safe to touch at all times.

My mat smells a little like "new rubber". So how long will it last?

A slight odor from processing the material may be present when they are shipped. You can let them air out outside your car before installing them to dispel the smell. If the smell persists, a bit of vanilla can be applied to reduce it.

Are these mats suitable for all types of weather?

Definitely! Tesla Model X all-weather floor mats protect Tesla Model X interior floors from all weather conditions. With our all-weather floor mats, you can keep your Model X looking as good as new, even with heavy use.

Why do I even need these mats?

You know how it is — you're driving along, minding your own business, and then "BAM!" Slushy drink spills all over the floor of your car and you can never get rid of that nasty smell.

Now — thanks to our all-weather floor mats, you won't have to worry about that anymore! These mats are guaranteed to keep any type of liquid from getting in between the cracks in your floor and onto your seats. And they're super easy to clean! Just sweep them up or hose them off!

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