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Protect Your Seats

Your precious Tesla car deserves to have a top-notch interior, but it's never easy to maintain it. If you have kids and pets, you know what we are talking about. Your leather seats can easily get ruined with their food and dirt especially during road trips!

Find the perfect balance between keeping your Tesla looking pristine and keeping it protected from those pesky spills. From red wine to pet scratches, we have a solution for you.

Cover your car seats with a one-of-a-kind, stylish leather seat cover that adds comfort as well as protection. Made with genuine leather, they won't let those smudges and scrapes through, so you never have to worry about buying extra car covers for your Tesla seats ever again! 

Protect your original seats from kids and the randomness of daily life using our authentic Tesla Model S seat covers. With the cushions contoured to fit precisely to the seats, you can be sure they won't slide around no matter how much your kids try to push them.

Personalize As You Like

Make your in-car real estate look and feel comfy with our covers made from the finest leather. Attractively designed, our leather seat covers for Tesla Model S are a surefire way to add personality to your interior.

Perfect for every season and style, these revolutionary leather seat covers for Tesla model S are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize your choice to match the interior design.

Gone are the days when you had to put up with messy lines and fingerprints on your car seats. With our Model S custom seat covers, your standard interior will change into an elegant and sophisticated one with an OEM feel.

Leather is soft and comfortable, meaning that even longer car rides will never be weary again. Just snap on these seat covers and give your car a touch of class that is sure to draw attention!

Premium Construction

Take your adventures to the next level with these waterproof, dust-proof, non-slip leather covers that offer you breathable comfort while keeping out stains and grime. Driving doesn't get any better!

Featuring heavy-duty construction that protects the seats of your car, the sophisticated design, generous padding, and superior material all combine to create a high-end interior that puts the finishing touch on the stunning lines of your vehicle.

Custom-made to conform to the unique shape of the front and rear seats, these highly sophisticated Tesla Model S leather seat covers feature elastic straps and buckle closures for easy installation. Moreover, its attention to detail means the electronic operations run smoothly, and the leather seat covers will not disrupt any of it!


Please note that Tesla does NOT recommend using seat covers as they believe doing so could restrict deployment of the seat-mounted side airbags if a collision occurs. Also, if the vehicle is equipped with an occupant detection system that is used to determine the status of the passenger front airbag, seat covers may interfere with this system.


Packaging Includes

  • 1 set of leather seat covers for Tesla Model S 



  • Synthetic leather


  • Custom designed for 2012-2021 Tesla Model S, for Left-Hand Drive only. Please provide VIN, clear pictures of the front seats and rear seats for customization. 



How to install the leather seat covers for Tesla model S into the original seat?

Attaching the covers to the seats is made easy with the elastic strap and buckle closure that comes with the covers. Due to its flexibility and high quality, the elastic stretches completely for a custom fit without any bumps or roll downs. 

What colors are available for this leather seat cover for Tesla model S?

It can be customized according to your preferences. A wide variety of combinations are possible, from black and white to black and red, or all blue, all black, all white- your imagination is the limit!

Is the leather seat cover compatible with Tesla Model 3, X or Y?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The exquisite leather seat cover is only compatible with Tesla Model S. Because the dimensions of the seats of other Tesla models are pretty different from those described above, the seat covers would not fit snugly and may not serve their purpose correctly.  

Is the leather seat cover for Tesla Model S waterproof?

Yes absolutely! Your kids or pets may spill things on the leather seat covers, but now you can rest assured that the seat cover will hold up just fine. Getting this waterproof seat cover means an unmatched level of protection, as well as easy cleaning. 

I always bring my retriever with me when I travel. Unfortunately, he scratches quite a bit. What are the chances of the leather seat cover for Tesla Model S withstanding its vigorous scratches?

These leather covers for Tesla Model S has been built to keep your worries at bay. Featuring high-quality leather and exquisite craftsmanship, the seat cover ensures that your dog's scratches will not wear it down and expose its lining. 

Will I also receive an armrest cover when purchasing the leather seat cover for Tesla model S?

Absolutely. With your seat covers that fit the front, rear, driver, and passenger seat, you'll also get a matching armrest cover for a fully customized look!   

The white leather seat cover for Tesla Model S is gorgeous. Nonetheless, I'm worried it might not be able to be cleaned once it gets dirty. Can I wash it after using it?

Yes, without a doubt. The leather seat covers for Tesla Model S are waterproof, allowing them to be easily removed and cleaned, so they remain to look new for an extended period.  

Are there any devices that need to be removed from the seats to install the leather seat covers for Tesla Model S?

Installing leather seat covers is a simple process. As there's no need to remove any parts from your original seats, your seats will remain in perfect condition.

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