Tesla Model 3/Y Wireless Steering Wheel Mounted Phone Charger (2019-2022)

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Charge on the go

With this wireless car charger, you never have to disconnect or spend time charging.

Bring this wireless phone charger whenever you are on the road, so you can keep your hands-free while on the go. This easy-to-use accessory mounts to the steering wheel and allows for a safe, quick, and secure charge without the hassle of wires. 

As well as keeping your phone charged, you'll also be able to follow directions on the Google map with ease. Now there is no need to observe the dashboard screen instead just focus on the phone mounted right in front of you for better clarity.

A design that is ergonomic

Built to emphasize both your style and the incredible technology of the Tesla Model 3/Y, this wireless car charger boasts a clean but also striking design

This phone charger is built into the steering column, giving it a built-in OEM look that doesn’t look odd or out of place, ensuring your phone remains fully charged while still allowing you to concentrate on your driving.

Carefully crafted with your convenience in mind, this technology allows you to place your phone directly behind the steering wheel without any need for wires. Put your phone gently into the holder, and you can be sure it will remain tight and secure no matter how fast you drive.

Convenience unlike any other

Stay focused on your driving without worrying about the battery level of your phone. 

This wireless phone holder will keep your hands free and also in constant communication. It’s the sleekest and most convenient way to charge your phone while you are driving or doing anything else. You will always have a fully charged phone right where you need it.

With this wireless car charger, you will be free from worrying about fumbling for cables and also avoid the fatality that comes with reaching for your phone in front of traffic. It features easy setup and secure mounting, as well as efficient quick charge technology – all this, in a beautiful package that is designed to enhance the luxury and uniqueness of the Tesla model 3/Y car.



Packaging Includes

  • Wireless charging dock- 1pc
  • Wheel column plastic cover- 1pc
  • OBD Wire connector- 1pc
  • Bracket arm- 1pc
  • Screw key- 1pc



  • Plastic


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model 3 and Y in the years 2019-2022, the left-hand drive



What makes this wireless charger a must-have for my Tesla? 

The Model 3/Y Wireless Chargers allow you to keep your phone visible and in plain sight when driving. It is incredibly easy to mount and supports almost every phone model. This is the perfect accessory for charging devices in style.

Is installing this wireless charger going to affect my vision in any way? 

This handy phone holder was made with your convenience in mind. It allows you to place your phone directly behind the steering wheel for perfect visibility while it charges, so it will not interfere with your vision or cause problems while you drive. 


By installing this wireless charger, am I risking my Tesla's surface behind the steering wheel?

Not at all! Featuring an exquisite look with easy installation, the wireless phone charger is perfect for any sized device. Installing the product behind the steering wheel is simple and non-destructive, and the connection is made at the speaker socket in the driver's doorpost.

What are the phones that are compatible with this steering-wheel-mounted phone charger? 

Stay charged with the Tesla Model 3/Y wireless phone charger. This revolutionary phone charger is ultra-versatile, supporting a variety of phone models that are IQ enabled. 

Does the phone holder allow me to place my Samsung Galaxy Tab in it and charge it simultaneously?

Unfortunately, no. This Tesla Model 3/Y wireless charging steering wheel mounted phone holder is only built-in for supporting phones and not tabs. In addition, it will only support phones that have thin, non-metallic cases and not phones with thick, metallic cases. 

Is Tesla Model 3/Y wireless charging steering wheel mounted phone holder used exclusively for charging? 

Yes, but there is more to it than that. You can use your phone to locate your way to your destination by placing it gently in the phone holder. With it, you'll get excellent guidance without compromising your visibility.

Do I need any special tools to install this wireless charging steering-wheel-mounted phone holder for Tesla Model 3 or Y?

Not at all! There are several components included in this revolutionary device, such as a phone holder, an adjustable plastic cover for the wheel column, a wire connector, and tools for installing the system, such as a bracket arm and a screw key.  

It is possible to rotate the wireless phone mount charger? 

Sadly, the answer is no. To provide an optimal view, it has been designed with premium engineering to provide a secure fit that cannot be rotated.

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