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Multipurpose Device In One Compact Design

Enhance your Tesla Model 3 and Y with our new 4-in-1 hub! Keeping your console neat and tidy is so easy with a design that not only allows you to connect multiple devices, but also integrates the central console as a whole, adding convenience, aesthetics, and intuitive handling

The multifunctional USB-C Docking Station can now offer high transmission rates, so you can also plug and play with ease, bringing convenience to a whole new level! Furthermore, due to its high compatibility, you'll be able to connect everything, from your pen drive to your mouse to your hard drive to even your gamepad! With 27 watts of power, you can enjoy lightning-fast charging wherever you go!


Easy Installation With A Seamless Look

Your Tesla is great, but it can get pretty messy when you have a lot of things plugged in. Unclutter your Tesla with a beautifully designed USB hub that seamlessly integrates with the interior for a beautiful design.

Our USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Y keeps your console storage organizer intact while charging and syncing your devices. It doesn’t get in the way of the cup holders and does not disrupt your storage access. The USB hub is the perfect companion for a busy lifestyle that requires one to be always plugged in.

Built To Impress

This USB hub was created for Tesla Model 3 and Y owners who appreciate quality, elegance, and effortless integration into their beloved vehicles. 

Designed with a heat-resistant ABS shell that prevents the console from heating up, this hub is designed using advanced technology so it is seamlessly integrated with the central console, making sure everything you love about your Tesla doesn't change. Instead, it blends into the car and makes it even more attractive, just like a part of your Tesla. And along with LED trim around the USB ports, it delivers a delightful user experience when you drive at night!


Packaging Includes

  • A full set of Tesla Model 3 and Y USB hub



  • Heat-resistant ABS


  • Compatible with Tesla model 3 and Y in 2021-2022 configured with two USB C ports



Why is this USB hub a must-have for my Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla USB hub is a multipurpose accessory that works seamlessly with your Tesla, Model 3, and Model Y consoles. The compact yet sturdy design plugs directly into the car console storage box, so there's no added clutter. With 4 USB ports to plug in all your accessories, this hub can fast-charge your devices and let you connect your gamepad, to allow you to stream a movie while fitting snugly on the center console of your Model 3 or Y while still giving you easy access to all your devices.

Is this USB hub for Model 3 and Tesla Model Y reliable?

Made of premium quality heat-resistant ABS material, this sturdy yet lightweight USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y is certified so you can rest easy knowing you deserve nothing but the very best. We use only top-grade materials on the market, so you can rest assured it will provide you with undisrupted performance for years to come. 

Will the USB hub match the interior of my Tesla Model 3 and Model Y?

Built with sturdy materials, an elegant black finish, and exclusive LED trims, this revolutionary USB hub will effortlessly complement your Model 3 and Y storage box, keeping it clutter-free, sleek, and useful at the same time.

I want to get this USB hub for my Tesla Model S. Will it work with my car?

Unfortunately, no. This hub is custom-made for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y 2021 versions only. You cannot fit it in any other Tesla models.

Is this USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Y easy to operate at night?

Built with your comfort in mind, this revolutionary USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Y features gorgeous LED trim and luminous indicators and boasts a user-friendly design that makes it easy for anyone to find the USB ports even at night. No more blindly fumbling around trying to plug in your devices!

Does this USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Y support data transfer?

Yes! The ports support USB2.0 data transfer, so any devices connected to the hub will be able to communicate with the vehicle. With this hub, you can:

  • You can play audio files and connect any hardware you like.
  • Play games with your controller. Compatible with multiple controllers.
  • You can watch movies, Macbook, or use a camera as well. 

How fast will the USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Y charge my devices?

Our USB hub for Tesla Model 3 and Y is the perfect and simple way to ensure your devices stay charged while you drive. Equipped with a 27-watt fast charging on the ports, our hub will get your phone or tablet ready in no time at all. 

Do the four ports work at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! You can fast charge two of your smart devices and connect two more devices to the data transfer ports - and our USB hub will handle them with a hitch, all at once.

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