Tesla Model 3/Y New Head's Up Display (HUD)

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Have a safe and enjoyable ride

Let's take the fun and interesting game of driving to a whole new level!

Experience the thrill of driving and stay fully aware of your surroundings with this new head's up display specially engineered to work with your Tesla Model 3 and Y. Designed to simplify the driving features by projecting key data right in front of you, now you can stay focused on driving instead of glancing at a dashboard every now and then to see how much charge is left or what gear your vehicle is in. 

Whether you're cruising down the road or tearing up the track, push your vehicle to the limit with this HUD. This innovative addition to your car provides real-time information including door opening prompt, gear display, brake warning light, seat belt indicator, turn signals, fog lights, etc while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.


Customize your interior

This sleek and integrated head's up display is sure to compliment your Tesla model 3/Y interior. 

It effortlessly integrates into the dashboard making driving easier than ever! Designed with photosensitive elements, now you can effortlessly adjust the brightness of the display according to the intensity of the light and weather conditions.

But wait, there's more! By simply pressing the right scroll wheel and selecting your preferences, you can adjust the settings to your liking or choose from four different modes to make it your own!

Information at your fingertips

Our Tesla head's up display shows you exactly what you need to do in any situation, at a glance!

Having been immersed in your driving experience, with this HUD for Tesla Model 3 and Y, you now possess new eyes that provide better insight. It widens your field of vision and provides you with all the essential information while keeping your eyes where they should be – on the road.

Our head's up display is designed to mount securely to the existing steering column of your Tesla Model 3/Y and works flawlessly in conjunction with all safety warnings such as blind spot monitor and forward collision warning. 


Packaging Includes

  • One head's up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3/Y with all necessary wiring.



  • Body Material: ABS
  • Package Dimensions: ‎13.3 x 9 x 10.2 cm


  • Compatible only with the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 cars from the years 2019, 2020, and 2021.



What makes this heads up display (HUD) a must-have for my Tesla Model 3 and Y?

Transform your driving experience with the Tesla head's up display. This extra useful device ensures seamless functionality and allows for a safer experience while you stay focused on the road. The clean display shows you speed limits, information about your battery, GPS directions, and many more! At night, it makes night-time driving easier thanks to its highly functional brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness according to the light conditions.

Is it possible to change the setting of the heads up display (HUD)?

Yes absolutely! Experience the excitement of driving a Tesla Model 3/Y while having your information in front of your eyes, with our sleek Head-Up Display (HUD). The right scroll wheel offers four different modes and several exciting options, so simply select your preferences to customize your settings to your liking.

What are the few things that are displayed on the heads up display(HUD) for Tesla Model 3 and Y?

The HUD lets you get an instant overview of vital information including speed limits, information about your battery, GPS directions, and more while keeping you focused on the road. There’s no need to look at your center screen dashboard or your phone anymore because the projected data can be seen right in front of you.

What is actually the heads up display (HUD) and how does it work? 

Tesla Heads Up Display (HUD) is exclusively crafted for Tesla Model 3 Model Y owners. It’s a clean and simple solution that gives you an instant overview of vital information during your fast-paced driving experience. Plus, it mounts securely onto your existing steering wheel. Think of it as a rearview mirror without reflection or a calculator without a screen hogging your center console. It’s a sleek display that gives you essential driving metrics at a glance.

Would the heads up display for Tesla Model 3 and Y make a great gift for Tesla enthusiasts?

Yes absolutely! Tesla's Heads Up Display is a very useful device that comes in an exclusive package sure to please even the most discerning Tesla lover. Furthermore, the unit seamlessly fits into the back of the steering column, giving it the appearance of being integrated into the interior of the car. Together with its style, versatility, and functionality, this revolutionary HUD is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

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