Tesla Model 3 / Y Door Button Stickers

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Your passengers will no longer confuse the door button with the manual release button.

Let the labels do the talking. 

With a sleek look, these cool button stickers provide a subtle reminder of the correct way to open your Model 3 and Y's fun, futuristic doors. Cut it out, and never be embarrassed by another passenger again!

These highly reflective silver stickers perfectly contrast against the Model 3 and Y's body for a subtle blend. With a car's silhouette to identify the door button, you can finally put your worries about a damaged window trim to rest since your passengers will no longer confuse the door button with the manual release button.

Installation is a breeze

It's the only vehicle door label solution you'll ever need. 

Forget about placing tape, crumbs and figuring out how to stick your homemade decals in the perfect place. Our high-quality self-adhesive button door stickers are easy to apply and won't cause damage to your interior. Simply peel off the transfer paper and stick it on! It's that easy!

Take your exit to a whole new level with our exclusive glow-in-the-dark stickers. We have them in two sizes to fit almost every single door button!

High Durability 

A simple solution to a common problem, these labels are made of the highest quality materials built to last you an amazingly long time. 

Offering the best-in-class door button stickers, this product makes sure your loved ones never miss a spot when leaving your electric vehicle. These labels will look great on the door frames of your car and have been designed to look just like the real buttons you'll find on the car itself.

Designed with exquisite attention to detail, these stickers are waterproof and will maintain their shiny appearance for many years to come. They are also easily repositionable, removable, and will not leave behind any sticky residue.



Packaging Includes

  • A complete set of door button stickers for all your vehicle's doors



  • Compatible with only Tesla Model 3 and Y only.



Are there any tools required to install Tesla Model 3 and Y door button stickers?

No, not at all! All you need is a set of stickers, a clean piece of cloth, and a credit card! Adding door labels to Tesla Model 3 or Y requires no tools, so they are very simple to install.

What is the process for installing the door labels on a Tesla Model 3 or Y?

You will need a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt or water particles that may have accumulated on the door button. Peel off the transfer paper and adhere it to the button. Slide the credit card through the sticker, applying pressure as you do so. Leave the paper to dry for a minute and peel it away slowly. There you have it- it's that easy!

What makes the door label a must-have accessory for my Tesla Model 3 or Y?

The door label directs passengers to press the button that opens the door for them instead of pulling the manual door release button, which could damage the window trim of your Tesla Model 3 or Y. Thanks to this simple solution, Tesla owners can drive in peace knowing their passengers won't damage their car. 

Does the Tesla Model 3 and Y door button stickers illuminate in the dark?

Yes, of course! With this unique Tesla Model 3 and Y door label kit, the stickers illuminate in the dark, so they will capture your passengers' attention, ensuring they do not pull the lever instead of the actual door button.  

Will the door label complement my Tesla Model 3 interior?

Yes, absolutely! These impressive Tesla door button stickers are minimalist and sophisticated in design and feature a silver glitter finish, so they cast a shiny glow, making them stand out in any space and ensuring that they complement your interior perfectly.  

Is there a sticker for both the left and right doors of my Tesla Model 3 or Y? Or will they have to be purchased separately?

Built with your convenience in mind, this door label kit for Tesla Model 3 and Y comes with eight stickers. Each door has a label, as well as four spare stickers, so if your label falls off, you no longer have to worry since you've already got plenty on hand! 

The door labels for Tesla's Model 3 and Y are unique! However, I cannot understand what the symbol on the stickers means. Could that be clarified?

Of course. A car silhouette is depicted on the label, so passengers will understand that the button opens the vehicle door. 

Is it possible to use a set of stickers for my Tesla Model S?

Unfortunately no. This set of stickers is made exclusively for Tesla models 3 and Y. Although they are only stickers, they will not provide a perfect fit for your Tesla Model S. The sides may stick out, making your interior look unsightly. 

Are all the door button stickers in this set the same size?

No, they are not. Two sizes of stickers are included with the door label kit. These four are larger, and the other four are smaller in size so that you can choose any for the front or rear seats. 

Are there any additional adhesive requirements for the Tesla door label for models 3 and Y? 

Absolutely not. It is a self-adhesive sticker that adheres to the door on its own and does not require glue to function.

The product seems useful, but I'm concerned that it will leave a sticky residue when it comes off; is this a valid concern?

This self-adhesive sticker set is meticulously detailed, so you no longer have to worry about it. Applying them takes only seconds, and they don't leave any residue when removed.

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