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Refreshing and longer-lasting aroma

Are you looking for a better way to make your car smell enticing? Here’s what you need. We bring you the freshest car perfume ever made for Tesla model 3/Y. Containing natural plant essence that lasts for hours on end, this Tesla perfume leaves your car interior smelling amazing. 

Whether you’re going for a drive or hanging out in your Tesla cabin, let this air freshener with a natural plant fragrance transport you to a lush green rain forest.

Soothing and effective, the wonder and beauty of nature will surround you and keep your car clean and fresh.

Simple and convenient installation

Why settle for a general air freshener when you can get one specifically designed for your Tesla?


Its integrated design for Tesla models 3/Y series offers a non-destructive and easy installation on the hidden air conditioning outlet, so you can rest assured your interior will not be damaged.

Moreover, with this air freshener, you can easily open the lid and change the fragrant oil whenever it’s running low.

Risk-free and safe to use

Pack the fresh air around you by popping one of these air fresheners into your car. It emits an invigorating, refreshing scent that will make your commute feel like a tropical escape without the stress.

Our car perfume’s unique ambiance is derived from natural oils. It is made without any harmful chemicals, additives, coloring agents, or alcohol. Not only that, you can rest easy knowing that it comes with a safety certificate.


Feel the caress of nature, so relaxing and soothing. Because it is made of non-toxic materials, it is completely safe for pregnant women, children, or pets, making it an everyday essential for your car.



Packaging Includes

  • Bracket device: 1pc
  • Perfume replenishment: 2pcs



  • Aluminum alloy in Black + ABS Plastic


  • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Y


Note: The product shown in the video consists of the Tesla logo on the silver casing. However, the actual product is Black casing without that logo.



What makes this car perfume a must-have for my Tesla?

This Tesla car scent is a re-interpretation of a classic car scent. Bringing you a premium, all-natural car perfume that is unlike anything you have experienced before, now you can relax, rejuvenate, and breathe easier with this soothing mix of essential oils. You can feel nature when driving with this Tesla air freshener right in your car, reminding you of the finer things in life as it hits your senses. 

Will installing this Tesla air freshener with Natural plant fragrance cause any harm to my Tesla interior?

No, it won’t! We designed the Tesla scent to complement your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y interior. The three-dimensional open mold, which has been 3D-scanned, makes it easy to fit into the interior of your Tesla, without having to alter anything.  

When I run out of the perfume liquid of the Tesla air freshener, can I refill it?

Yes, you can change the refill whenever you need it. Just open the lid and you can access the refill core. We also send out an extra refill with every order, so you won't have to worry about getting new refills anytime soon!

Do I need any extra tools for installing the Tesla car scent? 

Not at all! This product is a breeze to install. It only takes a few seconds to hook it up to an air conditioning outlet, push it gently into its place, power up the AC, and you're done! It couldn't be simpler and any faster! 

Will this air freshener work with any other Tesla model?

No, this Tesla car scent is precisely engineered to fit the air conditioning vents of only Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Other Tesla cars are designed differently so they won’t fit.

Is the Tesla air freshener for Model 3 and Model Y safe for babies?

There is no need to worry about whether car perfume can affect your health or that of your children. Due to the fact that this car fragrance is made from only pure natural plant extracts and contains zero alcohol and no harmful ingredients, it is perfectly safe for babies and pregnant women alike. 

Do we need to change the fragrant liquid of the Tesla air freshener very often?

The Tesla car freshener does not require you to change the liquid on a regular basis, even though changing the liquid is not difficult or time-consuming. Using quality ingredients, this product delivers long-lasting fragrance so you no longer need to worry about changing liquids every now and then. 

Is the Tesla Air Freshener holder durable enough to withstand years of use?

You can count on this device to last for a long time. Thanks to sophisticated engineering and the high-grade ABS plastic and aluminum alloy materials used for the perfume bracket and body, this device will continue to perform for years to come.  

Where to install the Tesla air freshener?  

The Tesla Car Perfume for Models 3 and Y is designed with an original car integrated design. As a result, it can be seamlessly fitted into the hidden air conditioning outlet.

Will the Tesla air freshner look odd in my car? 

With its ergonomic design and compact sizing, the Tesla Car Perfume for Tesla Models 3 and Y does not stick out at all. With a size measuring only at 2.13''x0.91''x0.98'' (5.4x2.3x2.5 cm), it can be effortlessly incorporated into the interior of your Tesla. 

Is the Tesla air freshener a good gift for those who own Tesla models 3 and Y? 

Yes absolutely! Give the gift that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. It’s practical, recyclable, and will make them think of you whenever they drive. With exquisite gift box packaging, this amazing car freshener for Tesla Model 3 and Y is sure to delight any Tesla lover!

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