Tesla Model 3 waterproof outdoor car cover (silver)

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Protect your Tesla with the Best

When you want a personal touch for your model 3, look no further than our tailored Tesla car covers. Your beautiful Model 3 deserves better than a worn-out cover and is meant to be enjoyed and cherished! Our revolutionary waterproof outdoor car cover is a custom-fitted cover that offers protection from damaging UV rays and harsh weather conditions, leaving your tires and exterior free from dust, dirt, and scratches. With our stylish and durable covers, taking care of your vehicle's exterior and keeping it looking new will no longer be a hassle!

This waterproof outdoor car cover will fit your beloved car like a glove, keeping it safe and secure regardless of the weather. The material used is high-grade and specially designed to make sure that the UV rays are not able to penetrate it, protecting your paint job from premature aging and allowing you to enjoy your M3 in style for as long as possible. Enjoy driving in style with our luxurious waterproof car cover and be sure to stand out on the streets!

Durability second to none

Our beautifully crafted Tesla Model 3 car covers are made from high-quality material and are perfectly tailored to fit your vehicle. This elegant cover will transform the look of your luxury Tesla while protecting it from bumps, dust, and scratches, so you can keep your Model 3 protected all year long

Keeping it simple, our waterproof car covers are designed to be easy to use and give you an enhanced sense of peace of mind when your vehicle is exposed to harsh weather and tough situations. In addition to providing you with the best protection, the water-resistant fabric also allows your vehicle to breathe, so it keeps its finish in good condition. Featuring a one-layer oxford fabric, fleece lining, waterproof layer, and two layers of silver coating for the highest level of UV resistance, this high-quality car cover ensures years of durability.

Enhance the look of your Tesla

Don't waste money on an overpriced scratch remover or harmful abrasives, save yourself from unsightly scratches and blemishes by putting your trust in our outstanding car covers! 

Save your car from the visual frustrations that come with unforeseen accidents with our incredibly designed waterproof car covers. Our high-quality and custom-fit covers come in a range of functional and soft materials, emulating the look of your precious Tesla as nothing has before. With this premium car cover, not only can you protect your car against dings, dent damage, and scrapes, but you can also add style and comfort to it. It comes with an opening for ease of access to the charge port, making it possible for you to charge your Tesla Plus without removing the cover! Wait, there's more! A storage bag is also included so you can store the cover when not in use.


Packaging Includes

  • 1x Waterproof outdoor car cover (color Silver)
  • 1x Storage bag



  • 210D Oxford with silver coating (anti-UV) and fleece lining


  • Only compatible with Tesla Model 3.



Why is this Waterproof car cover a must-have for Tesla Model 3?

Our Tesla Model 3 Waterproof Outdoor Car Cover is designed for the ultimate protection of your car. With three layers of protection, no longer worry about harsh weather or damaging environmental conditions. Precision engineering and a tailored fit ensure this cover fits seamlessly around your Tesla, keeping it protected from scratches, dents, and other harsh elements while you can rest assured that this high-quality car cover ensures years of reliability. So, order now while stocks last and take advantage of our amazing product.

Tesla Model 3 car covers are advertised as embellishing luxury cars, but do they protect them from wind, snow, or dust? 

It's all about luxury, comfort, and performance with this sleek, trendy vehicle! As a premium manufacturer of car covers, we always offer only the best in material and stitching, with a focus on quality and luxury. Therefore, we have created the best Tesla Model 3 car covers to complement the superior style of your vehicle, while also protecting it from wind, snow, rain, and whatever else Mother Nature can throw at it!

The Tesla waterproof car cover is waterproof, but how long will it last?

With its double stitching, reinforced seams, and welded seams designed to withstand harsh conditions, the Tesla waterproof car cover is manufactured with top-quality breathable fabrics, including thermoplastic polyurethane, soft flannel, and waterproof polyester woven fabric. Designed with three layers, the car cover is durable, waterproof, and breathable. It will last you for years to come. 

Tesla waterproof car covers look incredible, but do they fit Tesla Model S cars? Would it be a worthwhile purchase for a Tesla Model S owner like me? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The revolutionary waterproof car covers we offer are meticulously crafted with obsessive attention to detail to provide a customized fit for Tesla Model 3 cars. As a result, we are concerned that this might not provide a good fit for Tesla Model S, that it might feel loose, or that it might not work properly. In this case, you would be better off not buying this car cover if you don't own a Model 3.  

It seems very useful to have a Tesla Model 3 waterproof car cover. Despite this, I feel that when there is extreme rainfall or a strong breeze, or when there is a thunderstorm, the cover will not remain still and perhaps won't conform to the car properly, so it might not function well. Am I right to be concerned? 

Get ready for a new way to enjoy your Tesla Model 3. Due to this cover's carefully crafted design, you can rest assured that your Tesla will be protected from harsh weather conditions regardless of the season. Designed with bottom buckles so it fits snugly against your body, this waterproof car cover will conform to your Tesla even in the strongest breeze, so it will fulfill its functions no matter what.

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