Tesla Model 3/S/Y Leather Key Fob Cover

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Be Sure To Keep Your Key Fob In Good Shape

How many times have you dropped your key fob in the car or had it slide around in your pocket? 

Designed with a tight fit, your key fob will be secured in place and protected by the luxurious interior padding of the leather key fob cover. With meticulous attention to detail, all in all, it looks good and works adequately, and is guaranteed to last you a lifetime

Our key fob protector case for Tesla offers you the assurance that is worth having. Made of top-notch leather, this key fob cover provides great protection against water damage, scratches, dust & other common damages. It also gives your fob controller a simple, stylish look.

Premium Quality Key Fob Cover

Ensuring that your car fob is properly safeguarded, this leather cover features a subtle lathe stitching that adds to the cover's unique appearance and ensures that this product doesn't crack or break

In addition to its artistic appeal, this unique product has been processed using advanced oil processing technology, making the leather key fob cover glossy and keeping it odorless and tasteless, so it will be long-lasting and wear-resistant.

This practical cover is easy to use and flexible, which makes it a breeze to snap the key fob into it. Thanks to the high-quality leather that offers a smooth, soft, and refined touch, you can rest assured that its performance will be uninterrupted.

Ergonomic Design

Why not add some style and protection to your Model 3, S, or Y key fob with our nicely embossed Tesla key fob cover?

This Tesla key fob case is a stylish and functional way to keep your remote key protected against the everyday hazards that are hard on electronics. The metal key ring adds excellent points, and the Tesla logo makes it stunning. There are no signal interruptions, ensuring higher efficiency between you and your beloved car. 

Furthermore, the leather lanyard of this distinctive cover allows you to quickly access the key fob whenever you need it without a hassle while also protecting it from accidental drops.



Packaging Includes

  • 1x Leather key fob cover



  • Cowhide leather
  • Metal


  • Compatible with Tesla Model 3, S, and Y



The leather key fob cover looks great! Unfortunately, I am afraid the key fob for Tesla Model 3 won't fit. What are its dimensions? 

With a size of 13x4.7cm (5.11x1.85"), now you won't worry about it not fitting the Tesla Model 3, S, or Y; since this revolutionary product has been ergonomically designed to do just that. 

Even though the cover appears shiny, is the Tesla Model 3, S, and Y Leather Key Fob smooth to the touch?

Yes, absolutely! Carefully crafted from genuine cowhide leather, this amazing key fob case provides a shine and a smooth, silky touch, one that you'll want to feel over and over!  

Considering that my Tesla Key fob for Model S is made of soft leather and does not have any screws securing it in place, I am concerned that it will slide through the Key fob cover. Should I be worried?

This sophisticated leather Key fob protector has been designed to hold your Key fob in place securely, so you don't have to worry about misplacing it. Without the need for screws during installation, this cover has been crafted to provide a tight fit. Additionally, it includes a strong leather lanyard so your key fob will never slide off!

Since this Tesla Model 3, S, and Y key fob cover is made of leather, does it wear out faster than metal or silicone cases?

Absolutely not! This leather key fob protector case for the Tesla Model 3, S, and Y is built from the best leather and is finished with modern oil processing technology to create a key fob cover that is tasteless and odorless, making it incredibly long-lasting and wear-resistant. 

Are the two sides of this Tesla key fob cover for models 3, S, and Y easy to tear apart?

Not at all. The leather key fob cover for Tesla models 3, S, and Y boasts tight lathe stitching that makes the cover nearly impossible to break or tear, ensuring complete protection for your key fob for years to come.

The Tesla Model 3, S, and Y leather key fob covers are gorgeous. However, the black color seems too ordinary. Are there any other colors available?  

Yes, of course. An exquisite brown version of this unique leather key fob protector case is also available, which will undoubtedly catch your attention!

A leather key fob cover such as this for Tesla models 3, S, and Y would look nice attached to a key chain to hold additional keys. Is it possible to do so?

Yes, definitely. This leather cover for Tesla Model 3, S, and Y comes with a sturdy metal lock ring that you can attach to your favorite keychain to prevent losing the key fob.

Does this leather key fob cover for Tesla Model 3, S, and Y make a good gift?

Nothing compares to this for an excellent gift for yourself or for your loved ones. The luxurious leather key fob cover features numerous smart options that offer a higher level of security and functionality than ever before.

Will my key fob function properly with this cover? Are there any chances it will block signals?

Not at all. In addition to providing smooth operation, this amazing key fob does not block signals at any point in time.

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