Tesla Model 3/Y Phone Mount

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Key Features

  • Compatible with most mobile phones in the market (4.7 to 6.9-inch smartphones) Our phone holder is suitable for big sized phone like the iPhone 12.

  • Left (or right) driver's door position for driving comfort and safety: Our phone holder has been designed to be mounted where it will not obstruct your windshield, allowing you to drive safely.

  • 360 Degree Rotation: The phone mount has a 360 degree rotating ball at the back, in order to choose the viewing angles. If there are sun reflections or other viewing discomfort, you can always find a sweet spot to see your screen properly.

  • Gravity Lock: Lock your phone into the mount by simply dropping in it into its arms. Your phone is fully attached via 2 arms on the sides and one at the bottom. 

  • Zero Noise: The stable and tight wrap will prevent any noise or vibration while using the phone holder.

  • Safety and convenience: Having your phone mounted in this position will make it easier for you to have a quick check at the screen or pick it up rather than reaching your center console.


Simply snap the phone mount to your dashboard, in the vent area. 
The strong clip keeps your phone in place, so you don't have to worry about your phone moving around. 


Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Y, the left-hand drive and right-hand drive.


Will this product damage the area that it attaches to on the dashboard?

The dashboard area is made of rubberized material that is pretty forgiving. Mounting our phone holder may create a small indent that will disappear after a few days without using it.

Can it hold the phone safely in landscape mode?

Our phone mount is made for portrait mode only.

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