Tesla Model 3 Black Chrome Delete Kit

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Color: Glossy Black
Glossy Black
Matte Black
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 Inexpensive alternative

Designed for Tesla Model 3 built between 2017 to 2020, the Talsem Model 3 chrome delete kit will fit your M3 perfectly and give a fresh 2021 look to your car. Our kit is easy to install and doesn’t require the help of a professional, allowing you to waive the installation cost.


Easy to install and remove

3M vinyl wrap chrome deletes are more difficult to install and usually require the help of a professional to get a very clean result. If you are not confident in applying wraps yourself without leaving any bubbles, our chrome delete is much easier and quicker to install thanks to the self-adhesive tape solution at the back of each piece. 


More Durable

There is always a risk with vinyl wrap solutions to snag them and start to see them peeling off. Our chrome delete is more resistant to chocks and projections and is easy to replace.



Now in 2 nuances of black:

  1. Glossy Black
  2. Matte Black



2 sets of 5 chrome delete covers for your windows frame, for each side of the car


Durable ABS Plastic

Installation Guide: How to chrome delete your Tesla Model 3?

No tools or drilling required!

1st step: Important to have a clean area to work with, we recommend you to head to the car wash or give your Tesla a nice handwash cleaning.

2nd step: We recommend to clean all the trim parts with a towel and alcohol (or alcohol wipes) to make sure it is very clean before applying the self-adhesive tape.

3rd step: For each piece of the kit, remove ⅓ of the double side tape and apply it on your car. This will help you to make sure you got the right position before unleashing the rest of the tape and stick the whole part. Once you got the right position, remove the rest of the tape protection and press the cover firmly onto your car.

After 2 days, the tape will bond firmly with your car. During the next 48H, we recommend you to reduce your speed and avoid highway trips. If you really need to, for additional safety, we advise you to maintain your chrome delete with painter’s tape for the next 48H.

Easy to remove

You can take off your chrome delete at any time by just heating up the panel with a hairdryer or a heatgun and then remove it slowly.



Compatible with Tesla Model 3.

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