Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Vinyl Wrap

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Color: Carbon fiber (3-piece)
Carbon fiber (3-piece)
Carbon fiber
Dark Brown Wood
Light Brown Wood
Model: Model 3 2017-2020
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  • 6 colors available to refresh your interior  

  • Center console vinyl wraps/ protection cover custom fit for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y to give you a factory feel. Make sure to check compatibility to choose the suitable kit.

  • Each piece is precision-cut for a snug fit installation
  • Supplied with an application tool to make the installation really easy
  • 'No tears' installation guarantee for OEM look and feel


3-piece kit: Compatible with Tesla Model 3 in year 2017-2020

2-piece kit: Compatible with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in year 2021-2022




Q. Can I remove this vinyl wrap?  

A. Yes. In fact, it is fairly easy to remove our center console wraps. If you changed your mind or want to swap for a new color you will be able to remove them without trouble.

The older your wraps have been in place, the harder it might be as the bond between your wraps and the center console are stronger. You can use a hair dryer to make it warm prior to proceed to the removal.

In order to remove your wrap, use a sharp tool (if necessary) to lift one of the edge of the wrap. Then, slowly and carefully pull it out.

Q. I messed up one of the vinyl wrap pieces. What should I do?

A. The vinyl is a really forgiving material, and if there's a crease or stretch, applying warm air, with a hair dryer for instance, will help to restore its original shape and let you re-install it properly. 

Q. Can you make center console vinyl wraps in other colors/finishes?

A. Please reach out to us via the support email with the color or finish that you have in mind and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Q. Which vinyl wrap is easier to install?

A. The heavier the texture is, the easier it is to install. The carbon fiber wrap is a touch thicker than the others and is more forgiving in terms of dust getting under the film.


Q. Does it completely cover all the original piano black cover of the center console?

A. Our vinyl wraps have been specifically cut and designed for your Tesla Model 3/Y and completely cover your OEM piano black cover.


Q. I am not sure I can apply the wrap on my own? 

A. If you are not confident in doing the installation by yourself, you can easily find help from a professional. Visit your local vinyl or window tint shop and they will be able to help you with that. For a professional, it is a fairly easy process and should cost you much. 


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