Tesla Model S/X Seat Coat Hooks (2016-2019)

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Only compatible with Tesla Model X and Model S in year 2016-2019 (before 12/9/2019) with the adjustable headrest




Picking up your dry cleaning before work?

Our Tesla coat hooks will keep your shirts and suits straight during your trip.

Going to a wedding or important event this weekend? 

Save some space in your trunk and use the additional space awarded by our coat hangers to take care of  your special clothes. 




No tools are required for installation, you simply need to snap the coat hanger at the back of the driver or passenger seat. But need to make sure the seats are built with adjustable headrests.




Made of high-strength metal alloy.

Packaging contains two coat hangers.

Carry a up to 6lbs (2.5KG)



Will the coat hangers damage my seats?

Our Tesla coat hooks have been designed to be placed in the dedicated spot built in the seat.

How do you install Tesla coat hooks? Do I need any tools?

No tools are required, the installation can be completed easily by hand by snapping the hook at the top of the seat, but must make sure the seat are built with adjustable headrest. 

Can I install the coat hooks somewhere else in my Tesla Model X or Model S?

We don’t recommend it, our Talsem coat hooks for Tesla have been specifically designed to fit the back of the front seats.
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