Tesla Model 3/Y Ambient Lighting with Central Console Control (2019-2023)

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Compatibility: Model Y (2021-2023)
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Personalize your Tesla Interior

Light up your Tesla car with the touch of a console button. This elegant light will complement the sleek style you deserve.

Each component of this lighting kit has been engineered to work together seamlessly for your Tesla, giving you controls for luxe illumination right at your fingertips.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. With our adjustable lighting system, you can be sure you’ll have perfect interior visibility in every condition.

64 colors adjustable lighting

For an experience you will never forget, upgrade your Tesla with this beautiful ambient lighting. Experience the brilliance of every color with streamlined integration.

Enhance your mood, personalize your car, or simply complement the weather with 64 gorgeous colors. Make your Tesla stand out with our ambient lighting kit that allows you to alter and customize the lighting styles to match your Tesla's interior.

Convenient Central Console Control

Your ambient lighting can be controlled from the central console screen and offers a variety of soothing light options, including relaxed lighting to help you unwind from your day. 

The lighting strips use only 2 watts of energy and therefore aren't much of a drain on your car's battery. You can choose between different settings, including a slow strobe mode to create a subtle but noticeable effect; and an ambient mode where the lights change colors at random or in rhythm to the music.

You can also set the lights to stay on one color or you can adjust their brightness manually.



Packaging Includes

  • A full set of ambient lighting kit featuring 64 colors.





  • Available for Tesla Model 3 (2019), Model 3 (2021-2023), Model Y (2019) and Model Y (2021-2023)



What makes this ambient light a must-have accessory for my Tesla?

Our Tesla ambient lighting is designed to offer drivers and passengers an unrivaled ambiance during road trips. All you need is to swipe your finger across the central console touchscreen to change and adjust the color and brightness as per your mood.

Does it affect my range?

Not at all! These lighting strips consume only a very small amount of power, so the impact on the battery is negligible. In fact, it takes up only 2W of power.

Will it ruin my Tesla interior?

No, it won’t! The ambient lighting kit is designed to seamlessly match the interior of your Tesla.  Crafted with attention to detail and precision in order to match the exquisite interior of Tesla vehicles, this kit provides ambient lighting that enhances the vibe for your vehicle. Each ambient lighting strip is engineered to work together so you can control the lighting environment easily from the central console center screen.


How difficult is it to install the ambient lights?

Installation of the ambient lighting is designed to be simple and quick and each component snaps into place with minimal tools. It does require some automotive DIY (do-it-yourself) skills to install, but generally, this ambient lighting kit can be installed without any difficulty. You may, however, engage a professional installation company to perform the installation if you feel uncomfortable with it for any reason.

Does it turn on and off automatically, or do you always have to use the control center?

Our ambient lighting turns off automatically when the car goes to sleep in order to save battery life and turns back on when it wakes up.  It can also be manually turned on or off from the central console. 

Does it have a battery or will it be powered by the car's power supply?

You do not need a battery for this device! It plugs directly into your Tesla wiring system and uses only 2W of power.

Which parts of my Tesla will these lighting strips cover?

The interior ambient lighting strips for Tesla go over the front and back door profiles, back of the front row seats, around the front and back door speakers, center console, air conditioning vents, cup holders, on and underneath the dashboard, and more!

Does Tesla ambient lighting with central console control remember the last color?

The function of this ambient lighting automatically remembers the last color used. The color and pattern will remain unchanged until you switch to your desired color and pattern.

Can the doors be opened and closed freely after the lights have been installed?

Yes of course! The lights take up the very little place so you don’t have to worry about opening and closing the door freely.

Will this ambient lighting kit work with any other Tesla models?

No. This ambient lighting kit is compatible only with Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Does the Tesla ambient lighting kit change colors with music?

The lights have an integrated microphone that picks up the sound frequency and makes the lights flash according to the music/rhythm it detects.

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