Tesla Anti-Theft Warning Sentry Mode Clings - Set of 4

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Prevention: Not everyone knows how sophisticated your Tesla is

As a prevention tool, these clear and visible stickers will make someone with bad intentions think twice before breaking into your vehicle. Our sentry modes clings will let them know that cameras and a sophisticated threat detection system are in action.

This simple add-on can avoid you to get robbed as well as unnecessary long police statement and insurance claim process.


Eye-catching design that can't be missed by offenders

Designed with the universal warning codes in mind, our sentry modes clings features a bright recording graphic to attract attention. The word 'RECORDING in white clarifies the message and the camera symbol let undesirable understand what this is about, even if they can't read english.

NOTE: If you have a heavy tint on your windows, we have designed our clings with white coloured text for maximum visibility.


Easy to install and remove

This front-facing window clings adhere from the inside of your Tesla's windows, facing out to the street. They are not stickers, no glue involved. You simply need to apply the clings on your windows from the inside. They can be removed just as easily, with no residue left.


Packaging includes

Set of 4 sentry mode clings


  • Made of plasticised vinyl film.


Q. Can I removed and re-use my window clings?

A. Yes. You can remove and reapply them.

Q. Will the window clings come off when the window glass is lowered?

A. Their thin material and designed allow our Tesla warning clings to be used while front and rear windows are down. They will not be removed, you can use your windows as usual.

Q. How does stick to the window?

A. These products are not decals or stickers. They are window clings, meaning that they simply adhere to the window for easy installation and removal at anytime.

Q. How do I install these?

A. Our window clings have been designed to be applied by hand. For a clean install with no air bubbles, you can use a ruler or a credit card to apply the window clings and avoid generating bubbles.

Q. What are these window clings made of?

A. Our Tesla window clings are made of a plasticised vinyl film that adhere to glass without any glue or adhesive material. Recommended for indoor use only.

Q. Can the window clings be viewed from both sides?

A. No, the can only be seen from the outside. The print has been made to readable from the outside of the car only.
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