Tesla Model Y Retractable Rear Trunk Cargo Cover (2020-2022)

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Cover your trunk to keep your belongings safe from prying eyes.

Our trunk cargo cover is the perfect solution to keep valuables safe in your Model Y. This sleek retractable cover will keep your belongings well hidden from plain sight, ensuring no one can see them from outside the car.

This is the ultimate retractable trunk cargo cover for your Model Y. Its convenient cover protects your belongings from rain and dust when the rear deck is open and does not take up any precious space.

Easy installation and removal for on/off uses

Our Model Y trunk cargo cover is custom made with precision to fit perfectly with your Tesla. Engineered to mount without drilling, it’s easy to install on any Tesla Model Y in less than 10 minutes. This trunk cargo cover is removable in just seconds if you just want to use it on weekends or for a specific trip.

There’s no faster, easier, or smarter way to protect your cargo. No pesky drill holes. No permanent modification or damage to your Model Y.

Durable and long-lasting materials.

Constructed from robust oxford cloth, our Model Y rear trunk cover is lighter but twice as strong as regular fabrics. This gives the cover a longer service life and is more resistant to abrasions.

Moreover, the main bar and sides are made of thick aluminum alloy and are powder-coated for durability.



Packaging Includes

• One retractable trunk cargo Cover for Model Y



• Oxford cloth
• Aluminum beam


• Compatible only with 2020-2022 Tesla Model Y in 5-seat and 7-seat configurations. The third-row seats must be folded down when it is installed in the Model Y 7 Seater.

NOT compatible with Tesla Model Y made in Berlin, Germany and/or configured with rails on both sides inside the trunk.

Contact our customer service in case there is question about compatibility.


What is a cargo cover in a car?

Cargo covers are designed to keep the items stored in your trunk from becoming damaged or stolen. The cargo covers also give your car a sleek and stylish look. It's ideal for people who live in busy areas like cities or college campuses and have a concern for the security of their cargo. Use the cover to conceal sensitive goods, or simply use it to create another useful storage space. And if the cover is retractable, operate it by manually extending it from the back of the rear seats.

Our retractable cargo cover offers a convenient and practical solution for adding privacy to the rear trunk of your Tesla Model Y.

Will this work with the 7 seats Tesla Model Y version?

Our retractable trunk cargo cover is designed for all the variants of Tesla Model Y, including the 7 Seater version. Custom molded to fit like a glove, this innovative cover adds an extra layer of security during transport. However, please keep in mind that this cargo cover can be installed on the trunk only when its third-row seats are down.

How do I install the retractable trunk cargo cover for Tesla Model Y?

Installing a cargo cover onto your Tesla Model Y is quick and easy with this kit. Its industry-strength tape will not damage your interior, while the custom fit ensures a proper fit. 

Here are the steps to installing the Retractable Trunk Cargo Cover in your Tesla Model Y:

  1. Take the protective coverings off the tape on the back of the four holders.
  2. Place the holders on the four sides of the cargo bay. Make sure they attach firmly without any give to them.
  3. Fit the retracted beam on the inner holders, right behind the rear seats.
  4. And you are done! Just grab the ergonomic handle and pull to extend the cover. Lock it on the front holders, and you have the best protection against rain and dust when the rear deck is open, and against prying eyes when the deck is closed and you are on the move!

Since it does not use any drills or screws, how does it hold up?

This Retractable Trunk Cargo Cover For Tesla Model Y is held in place by industrial adhesive. Our kit is easy to install and requires no tools or professional installation. Our products are designed to adhere to the factory paneling for a clean and custom look, protecting your luggage and other valuables from prying eyes. You can also retract the cargo cover for a seamless look.

Why should I get these trunk covers?

For the Tesla Model Y, a sleek retractable cargo privacy cover is an excellent solution to allow easy access and quick loading of luggage. Not only does it provide full coverage against prying eyes, but it also adds an extra layer of safety. The retractable cargo screen creates a private space for you and your belongings. And when not in use, it folds into a slim profile that complements the aerodynamic design of your Model Y

Is it possible to fully recline the back seats when this cover is installed?

Yes, you can recline the back seats without any issue with this Retractable Trunk Cargo Cover For Tesla Model Y installed. However, please keep in mind that for the 7 seater version, you won’t be able to recline the back row seats since they must be folded down for the Retractable Trunk Cargo Cover to fit.

Are the retractable trunk cargo covers washable?

Yes, absolutely! The oxford fabric of this Retractable Trunk Cargo Cover For Tesla Model Y is very easy to clean - just wash it down with some soap water and it would be as good as new!

Can I use this with Tesla Model 3, S, or X?

Our Retractable Trunk Cargo Cover is designed specifically to fit the beautifully designed Tesla model Y (both 5 seat and 7 seat variants). Other Tesla models have a different trunk shape, so they won’t fit properly.

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