Tesla Model Y Trunk Spoiler

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Color: Matte Black
Matte Black
Matte Carbon
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Colours available:

  • Matte Balck
  • Matte Carbon
  • Glossy Carbon 
  • Installation & Tips:

Easy to install with self adhesive tape. No drilling required.

    1. Before removing the self adhesive tape, let’s find the right spot for your spoiler.
    2. Place the spoiler on your Model Y trunk lid.
    3. Make sure to have the same space between your spoiler edge and the end of the trunk on both sides.
    4. Once you have adjusted and found the sweet spot, we recommend to use paint tape to mark down and easily remember where to place your spoiler once you have removed the adhesive tape.
    5. Remove the double faced tape. We recommend not to take it off entirely at once. You may start by removing one third first and confirm the placement.
    6. Apply the spoiler on your trunk lid. Once you are confident that you have aligned it correctly, you can gently remove the rest of the self-adhesive tape.
    7. Now we are going to press both sides of the adhesive tape against your trunk lid. We advise to start from the middle of the spoiler and work your way out to the edges.
    8. Make a final check up to ensure that there is no gap between the spoiler and your trunk.
    9. Be cautious for the next 72H, it will take 3 days for your spoiler to be fully attached. We recommend you to use paint tape to maintain your spoiler against the trunk for the next few days, especially if you need to take the highway.
    10. PRO TIP: To create a better bond between the adhesive tape and your trunk,  you can heat it up by using a hair dryer for a few minutes.


Compatible with Tesla model Y.


Will the Model Y spoiler damage my trunk if I remove it?

The spoiler can be removed without causing damage to your Model Y paint. If you need to remove your spoiler we recommend to use heat to slowly break the bond between the adhesive tape and the paint. You can use a hair dryer or a heat gun on low setting as well as dental floss to slowly remove the spoiler away.
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