Tesla USB A Preformatted Hard Drive (SSD) Dashcam and Sentry Mode

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Store your Dashcam and sentry mode footage to protect your Tesla

Without a hard drive, you won’t be able to record your dashcam and sentry mode footage. These 2 main features of your Tesla actually need an external flash drive to deliver their full potential. Recording footage can become very handy in case of an accident or theft and therefore save you money and time if you encounter unfortunate events. 

Preformatted, no set up required: Just plug & play

Talsem has preformatted this hard drive for you to simply plug it in your Tesla to start recording. No additional formatting or configuration is required. When using your generic USB drive, you may have to format it in FAT32 by yourself and potentially lose your old data. We recommend having a dedicated flash drive to stay in your car at all times and be ready to record at all times.

As we never know when visioning your footage will be necessary, our Tesla USB drive comes with 128GB of memory to store several days or recordings. 


You don’t need to empty your usb drive, when it is full, your new dashcam and sentry mode recording will override the old ones.

Built to resist over time and extreme temperature

With the High-quality microchips configuration, our Tesla flash drive works in exceptionally cold and high temperatures, with no loss of any fragment, anywhere you go. The built-in microchip is highly durable.



It holds against a great amount of heat, which is ideal for in-car environments and also continuous recording. 


Packaging Includes

1 USB A Preformatted Flash Drive 



Memory: 128GB

Writting speed: Up to 120MB/s

Reading speed: Up to 220MB/s


Compatible with Tesla Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Model S



Do you need a USB for Sentry Mode?

As you need an external flash drive in order to record your Sentry mode footage, Talsem provides a tailored USB drive for your Tesla with the ideal capacity (128GB), durable hardware to handle extreme temperature, and continuous recording.

How do I format a Tesla dashcam USB?

While you can format a USB drive by yourself, this procedure is not required for our Tesla flash drive. Taslem has preformatted it for you to just plug it and start recording.

Where is the USB in Tesla?

You can find USB ports in the center console of your car or, for more recent models, in the glove compartment. You can plug your Talsem USB drive in any of the USB A port. It is also compatible with our USB Hub USB A data ports.
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