Tesla Model 3 Mud Flaps (2016-2021)

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Color: Carbon fiber
Carbon fiber
Matte black
Glossy black
Cold light silver
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7 Color variations available to stand out

TALSEM brings you the largest selection of Model 3 mud flaps colors for you to create unique combinations and protect your Tesla with style!



Our mud flaps are available in:

- Matte Black

- Glossy Black

- Carbon Fiber

- Cold Light Silver

- Blue 

- Red 

- White

Don’t damage your car

If you live in regions where the weather is challenging like the Midwest or Canada, our mud flaps will be an essential accessory if you want to prevent your Model 3 from getting damaged. 

Winter time brings snowfalls and along with it, salt, one of the worst enemies for your Model 3. Splashes of snow, salt and small debris can accelerate wear and tear on your vehicle’s body and paint. As a result, some Tesla owners have noticed little white paint chips peppered all over the back of their car. Our set of mud guards will protect and preserve your vehicle over time.


Screwless, no drill: Easy to remove and install

Our mud flaps are screwless and can be easily installed using the push clips included in the packaging. It also allows you to remove them when you don’t need them. Custom molded for the Tesla Model 3, it will fit your vehicle’s body, giving a factory feel and preserve its aerodynamic. You will find below a step by step guide to install our splash guards.


An inexpensive alternative to Tesla’s factory solution: Front to back protection

There is no Tesla factory solution for the back of your car that is also exposed to splashes and road debris. Our set of 4 mud flaps will offer a full protection from front to rear.


Custom Designed for Tesla Model 3

Our mud guards have been made exclusively for all the Tesla Model 3 vehicles made in 2016/2021.



Superior Quality: Made of premium ABS thermoplastic material. The mud flaps perform safely in all harsh environments, well-built and long-lasting. 


  • 2x front mud flaps (right and left)
  • 2x rear mud flaps (right and left)
  • Push Clips for installation

5 min Installation Guide

Follow our guide below to learn how to install your Tesla Model 3 mud flaps:

No additional tape or drilling required! 

Step1: Wipe the installation surface with alcohol and wait for it to dry before beginning the installation.

Step 2: First remove the factory push clips with a screwdriver or a pry tool. They should pop out easily. Prior to that, you may turn the wheel a notch to give you more space to manoeuvre.

Step 3: Place the mud flap and align it with the holes. 

Step 4: Insert the new push clips provided in the package.

That’s it! Your are done.  





Compatible with Tesla model 3.



Are TALSEM Mud Flaps for Tesla Model 3 easy to install?

The installation of our mud flaps is a relatively easy DIY project. You will need to loosen easily accessible OEM expansion clips and pushrods along with one 10 mm bolt for each rear mud flap.

Do you really need mud flaps?

Mud flaps are a must-have accessory if you are often in contact with mud, dirt, snow, and other road debris. They are particularly useful in regions with challenging weather where heavy rainfalls, snowfalls occur frequently.

What do mud flaps do?

There are 3 main purposes for installing mud guards on your vehicle.

1) Protect your car from getting dirty and damaged.

2) Better maintenance of your car in the long run.

3) Increase safety by protecting vehicles behind you, avoiding splashing dirt on their windshield.

Do mud flaps keep cars cleaner?

Mud flaps help to protect your car’s body and paint as well as preventing rust on metal parts.

Do mud flaps slow you down?

Our mud splashes are custom-designed for Tesla Model 3, fitting perfectly the shapes of the vehicle and keeping the aerodynamic intact.

What is the difference between mud flaps, mud splashes, and mud guards?

These are simply 3 name variations.

Are mud flaps good for snow?

Mud flaps are recommended for roads covered in snow as they prevent snow from building up. Snow and road salt will be kept on the mudguards, rather than going on the wheel arches.
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