Tesla Model 3/Y Center Console Side Panels cover White and Carbon Fiber

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Color: Glossy Carbon Fiber
Glossy Carbon Fiber
Glossy White
Matte Carbon Fiber
Matte White
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Stand Out

Our selection of carbon fiber and white side panel caps will give a fresh look to your vehicle interior and match our other center console accessories such as the center console cover and dashboard cap, allowing you to fully upgrade and give a different look to your car interior.


Easy to Install and Remove 

Thanks to our streamlined design and their self-adhesive solution, our side panel caps can be easily installed and removed by one person. You don’t need to be a professional to get a clean result. Our side covers make a great alternative to vinyl wraps that are harder to apply and take off.


Designed to Protect

Protect your original center console side panels from wear and tear with our side covers and preserve your vehicle over time.



Our side panel covers are made from durable ABS plastic. 



 Our side caps come in 4 different finishes:

  1. Glossy White
  2. Matte White
  3. Glossy Carbon Fiber
  4. Matte Carbon Fiber


Packaging Includes

2 Single pieces for each side of your center console

Installation Guide

No tools or drilling required!

Step 1: With rubbing alcohol, clean you center console sides properly to get all the dirt off. Please don’t overlook this step as it will make the bonding of the side covers much easier and stronger.

Step 2: Put your front seat to the back of the car as far as possible to get more space for the installation

Step 3: Starting from the back, hook the side panels covers to your center console and press firmly all along the “rail”. Alternatively, you can use another method. You can remove the factory cover, this part comes out pretty easily as it is attached by a series of clips. Once you have taken it off, it will be easy for you to apply our side panel caps. After that, place again the side covers on your center console. After a couple of days, the tape will bond nicely with your center console.

Easy to remove

You can take off your side panel covers from your center console at any time by just heating them up with a hairdryer or a heat gun and remove them slowly.




Tesla Model Y: 2020 to January 31, 2021
Tesla Model 3: 2018 - 2020

Does NOT fit on the 2021 Model 3 updated center console
Does NOT fit Model Y built after February 1, 2021, with an updated center console. 

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