Tesla Model S Center Console Insert For 2012 - 2016 Model S

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Blends perfectly with your pre-2016 Model S interior

An essential addition for Tesla Model S owners, the centrer console fits seamlessly in your car, providing a storage solution and freeing up space. It is compatible with all LHD and RHD June 2012-May 2016 Tesla Model S.

Fully customized to match the interior of your Model S, our centrer console insert provides an aesthetically pleasing fixed cup holder and place for you to store small items.  Its elegant design enhances the look and feel of your Model S interior, whilst providing maximum convenience and usability.

Made of the same high-quality material as your Model S for an OEM feel, it is stylish yet functional. The center console features two USB ports and one 12-volt charger, plus an additional storage compartment. The insert effortlessly blends with your Model S dashboard, creating an elegant design without taking away from the beautiful interior of your vehicle.

Provides a stylish storage solution for your Tesla Model S

This centrer console is a must-have accessory for all pre-2016 Model S Tesla owners. It's the best way to keep your items safe, easily accessible, AND beautifully organized!

No more searching through your car to find what you're looking for. Our center console insert provides all the storage space you need. It is designed to hold your tablets, drinks, phones, adapters, chargers, and other accessories while you drive.

Easy to install and remove

Tesla Model S produced between June 2012 and May 2016 are infamous for not having a center console. But now, you can finally fix it with our easy-to-install center console insert.

The centrer console for Tesla Model S was made with simplicity in mind. Our insert features do not require any special tools or expertise which makes it very straightforward for our customers to install and remove.



Packaging Includes

  • One center console kit



  •  Plastic + Leather


  • Compatible with Tesla Model S (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)



Why do I need this Center console in my model S?

Since the 2012-2016 Tesla Model S does not come standard with a center console, we have developed a centrer console insert to fill that gap. It is easily accessible by the driver and has enough storage for just about any small item you might want within easy reach. Whether it is your wallet, ID card, Sunglasses, snacks, remotes, and so on, you have got just enough storage for everything to fit in. The list is only as long as your needs.

What makes this centrer console a must-have accessory?

It’s the ultimate storage solution for your Tesla. Our center console is designed to keep your console looking sleek and stylish without sacrificing its functionality. Compatible with the Tesla Model S, this console control is made of premium materials, to ensure that it will last for years to come. 

Why shouldn’t I go to a local custom shop if I want something unique?

Certainly, but such an endeavor is time-consuming and expensive. We estimate that the cost of a center console produced by a local custom shop will be about 2-3 times what we are offering. Consequently, it will take the custom shop a few days to build the console, measure, mold, and fit it into your car. Moreover, it might take weeks or even months for your schedule to match theirs.

How will it look on the Tesla's interior?

The centrer console for your Tesla Model S was designed and built to make your drive more functional while complementing the beautiful interior of the Model S. It blends with your interior without destroying the Tesla’s luxurious vibe. This central console will look like it came straight from the Tesla factory, made especially for your model S.

Do I need any special tool or expertise to install the centrer console?

There is no need for special tools or expertise. The centrer console insert has been designed to be easy to install. In fact, the installation should not take more than five minutes. 

How do I clean my center console?

If an inadvertent spill occurs, mop it up as soon as possible with a soft cloth and then clean the deck with a damp towel. We recommend never to pour water or any other cleaner directly onto the deck of the center console. Furthermore, the center console insert can easily be removed from the center channels of the Model S so it can be cleaned outside the vehicle.

Will this center console work with any other Tesla Model?

No. This center console insert is compatible only with Tesla Model S built in the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Later models already have a built-in center console storage area so you don’t need one of these inserts.

Is the Tesla Model S center console compatible with right-hand-drive versions of the Model S? (For Model S owners in the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, and other RHD countries)?

Yes! It’s compatible with either Left-hand drive and Right-hand drive Tesla S models built before 4/10/2016.

Is the Tesla Model S center console quiet? Are there any rattles or squeaks?

Not at all. You will not experience any noise, rattle, or squeak with the Tesla Model S center console from Talsem. It is designed to match your Model S perfectly as an OEM product from Tesla Motors Inc.

My Model S will likely have aftermarket floor mats. Does that affect the Center Console or installation or fit of the mats?

Floor mats from an aftermarket retailer will fit the floor area in front of both the driver and the passenger seat. They will be located on the outside of the center channels. An aftermarket floor mat shouldn't affect our center console Insert or its fit because it sits inside the center channels.

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