Tesla Model 3/Y Cabin Camera Cover

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Tesla in-car camera raises privacy concerns

There is no doubt that the cabin camera has been integrated to your Tesla for good reasons. Its main objective is for the system to capture key data during special circumstances. The interior camera captures elements such as the position of your head, in which direction your eyes are looking, if you are wearing glasses or sunglasses and even if you are using your phone. Elon Musk also confirmed that the in-car camera was also used to monitor Full-Self Driving (FSD). By default, this camera is turned off and you have the option to activate it. Once activated, it is still unclear whether the cabin camera is always recording or only turns on during special events such as a crashes. 


Protect your privacy against hackers

It is hard to believe that Tesla would record your face constantly without informing you, this would be a massive violation of its users privacy but  we are never too careful. China even banned Tesla vehicles from military facilities to prevent sensitive information from being recorded by the interior and or exterior cameras. While you may not turn it on by yourself, your interior camera could be hacked like the webcam of your PC or Mac and record you without you noticing it. Adding our privacy cabin camera cover is a simple “hack” to protect your privacy. Easy to use, just slide and clasp to block the webcam view when not in use.

Easy to install 

Simply peel the protection and stick the camera cover on your cabin camera located above the rear-view mirror.



High-grade durable plastic





Packaging Includes

1 Tesla cabin camera cover


Compatible with Tesla model Y and Tesla Model 3.

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