Tesla Model Y Brake Caliper Covers

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Designed for Tesla Model Y factory brake calipers, our caliper covers provide a “big brake” racing-ready look that will make heads turn! Caliper covers don't just hide an unattractive part but create a unique look of their own. Our solution is an inexpensive alternative to a paint job, removable and won't alter your factory brakes.




Our brake caliper covers are not just for the look, they also act as a protective dust shield to keep your rims cleaner longer. In other words, far less time spent cleaning your wheels. If you're fussy about your wheels, then you know what kind of problem brake dust can be. Our caliper covers direct the air and dust toward the backside of the wheel, keeping the front of the wheel much cleaner.



Your calipers will also run cooler thanks to their covers. Testings with infrared heat detector have shown 20-50 degree difference in brake temperatures. The increased surface area in direct contact with your brake calipers provides a large heat sink for your brakes.



Made specifically to fit over the Tesla Model Y stock brake calipers, compatible with factory Tesla Model Y OEM wheels. 



Available in 3 colors:

  • Red  
  • Yellow 
  • Fluorescent Green 


The set includes 4 caliper covers with fittings and bolts to attach to your existing calipers. The 2 front calipers are bigger than the rear. 



The installation can be done by one person and should take you up to an hour by following these steps:

  1. Take off your wheels
  2. Line up calipers cover on top of existing calipers, position the clamps, and bolt into place.
  3. Re-attach your wheels
  4. Care and attention are advised for this installation to ensure the fit is cozy and tight to ensure years of use.


Will Talsem caliper covers fit with my Model Y wheels?

Yes, caliper covers fit all versions of Model Y. These custom-fit caliper covers have been designed for optimal fitment for Model Y factory wheels.

Caliper Covers will guarantee brake caliper fitment when utilizing the appropriate TALSEM  Caliper Cover part number specific to the Model Y.

What if I have aftermarket wheels?

Caliper Covers are designed for a close fit. but if you have aftermarket wheels and would like to determine whether you have enough space, measure from the back of the wheel to the front of the caliper. If you have 1/8" (approximately 3mm) of clearance, then you have enough space. Another process much easier to test for the proper clearance: if you can slide two stacked quarters between the brake caliper and the wheel, then you should have enough clearance. 

Do the caliper covers hurt or help with heat dissipation?

They help. Heat test has demonstrated that Caliper Covers improved heat dissipation. The Caliper Cover only covers the front of the caliper allowing all heat to escape up through the top of the caliper.

Will caliper covers reduce brake dust on my wheels?

Customers report a significant decrease in brake dust after installation of Caliper Covers.

When using regenerative braking with my Model Y, will brake dust or heat dissipation still be factor?

You'll still use your brakes. But it's true that you'll use your brakes less in a Model Y than someone driving a gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicle due to regenerative braking.

What about painting my calipers?

You can try painting your calipers but be prepared for a lot of work. First, you'll need to get the whole car up on jack stands. Then you'll have to decide whether to paint them in place or disassemble them. Either way, everything will have to be completely clean or the paint won't stick. If you're painting the calipers in place, you'll need to use a brush, but there will be areas that will be hard to get to. Caliper Covers provide a more convenient and cleaner approach.

Can I purchase aftermarket brake calipers instead?

Aftermarket calipers can certainly provide a different look, and, depending on the brand, they might work better than your stock calipers, but the high price point (sometimes thousands of dollars) for aftermarket brake calipers should only be considered if you mainly want an upgrade in brake function.

Why not install custom plastic brake covers? 

Installing plastic covers on brake calipers is discouraged by many in the industry. The reason: a brake system converts the forward motion of the vehicle into heat by pressing the brake pads against the rotors, the plastic could melt causing your brakes to malfunction. In addition, be prepared to spend time trying to fabricate them to fit, often difficult installation, and, not worth the hassle. And, post-installation, it can be difficult getting them to stay in place.

Do caliper covers form-fit to the surface shape of my calipers like plastic brake covers?

No. Our Caliper Covers simply cover what many consider an unattractive part of the wheel.

Can the red coating on my caliper covers hold up to the heat?

Talsem Caliper Covers are powder coated for high heat, durability & toughness.

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