Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack - Easy to Install and Remove

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Key Features

Transform your Model 3, unlock a new level of utility: Mount and carry large items such as bikes, kayaks, camping gear, skis, snowboards, paddle boards or cargo boxes

Multi-Installations Ready: Easy to remove, our roof rack is coming with its custom attachement system for seasonal installations. Includes extra replacement stickers to protect your roof and change them during new installations.

Carry bulky items: You will be able to transport up to 150lbs (65kg) of extra weight.

Aerodynamic efficiency: Our Model 3 roof rack is designed for minimal range loss (reduce it to 1.6% only) and wind noise reduction.

If you are looking for other body parts, you will be interested in browsing our body kits collection for Tesla Model 3.

Download and print your PDF installation guide here.

If you do a sport regularly, you don't want to compromise on the kind of equipment you use. 



If you practice outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and surfing regularly, you don't don't want to compromise on the length and weight of your gear. Most importantly, you want to have a good system in place so that you don't waste your time packing or trying to jam your equipment in the car.

Having your process in mind and knowing exactly where each which piece of equipment goes is key to avoid unnecessary stress and helps you to be consistent in your activity. Wether you are a confirmed athlete or trying to get into a new sport, you know that consistency is the way to go.

Our roof rack brings you that extra flexibility. Imagine that day, when you took the time to lower your seats and jam your board inside your car. You did it slowly cause you don't want to scratch the soft leather of your seats, you suddenly have an emergency.

You need to pick up your partner, take your kid to training or your buddy needs a lift to join you today. Your plans fall apart. 

If you want to dedicate time to your sport and be the one that shows up consistently, you need to remove every friction, in the way of hitting your favorite spot. Knowing that your board will go on your rack save you time and space to face unexpected events that could ruin your session.

After riding your back in the dirt, storing your gear outside of your Model 3 interior is another much appreciated feature of our roof rack users. It is also a good way to save time and let your paddle board or surfboard dry on the way home!



Your interior space is quickly gone with your luggages and equipment inside

Planning a trip soon and wonder if your Model 3 will give you the space you need? Our roof rack will prevent your passengers from being squeezed in between luggages and bags.

Packing for a trip is always a bit stressful, especially when you are hitting the road with several people and you don't know how many (unnecessary) bags they will carry.

Having your new roof rack with you will avoid that stress when you find out at the last minute that you don't have enough capacity to carry that extra bag that your partner absolutely need.


What if you don't want to keep your roof rack up between uses?

You need your roof rack for a specific trip or winter season only and you don't want it permanently installed? Our rack has been designed for multiple installations, so that you can remove it when summer comes or when your trip is over. Before installing your rack, Talsem provides transparent slim sheets of PPF (Paint Protection Film) to protect your car. If placed well, even when you remove your roof rack, you could leave them on. But we don't stop here, we provide 2 sets of PPF (8 sheets) for you to replace them along your various installations and removals.



You can download and print your PDF installation guide here.

Find below our installation instructions in 7 steps, if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact our Talsem support team. You don't need specific tools but a pry tool will come handy to remove your car plastic clips. 

Step 1: Thoroughly clean your model 3 rooftop around the location of the arrows on the glass. To locate the front arrows measure 18 mm from the front edge of the glass top. To locate the rear arrows measure 42 mm from the rear edge of the glass top.

Step 2: Use a removal clip tool (or screwdriver) to carefully retract the 6 rubber gaskets at the arrow location.

Step 3: Place the front driver side PPF (Paint Protection Film) sheet over the clip on the front driver side. Use the icon to help identify and install the correct sheet in the proper location. Repeat to install the remaining pads at the other three corners of the car.

Step 4: Ensure all four hooks are engaged, properly aligned, and in the upright
position. Then, carefully place the front and rear crossbars over the pads.

Step 5: Install the wing nut and hand tighten onto each of the towers.

Step 6: Tighten the wing nuts with the hex wrench until the tower is firmly affixed to the vehicle. We recommend tightening to 2.5-3.5Nm. 

*Over-tightening may result in vehicle damage.

Step 7: To confirm the tower is properly installed, pull in all directions and ensure
there are no movements. 


Compatible for Tesla Model 3 only.


FAQ : 

Where I can get the replacements “stickers” that go on top of the glass roof to prevent scratching when the Model 3 Roof Rack is installed?

Talsem provides 2 sets of these protection stickers. Each set contain 4 stickers made of Paint Protection Film (PPF). These stickers can go through several installations and removal but we give you the option to fully replace them each time. If you need more, you can custom cut some PPF sheets or feel free to contact our support and we will be happy to advise you.

What components make up a Talsem Model 3 roof rack system?

The Model 3 Roof Rack comes with the equipment required for installation and locking. This includes two cross bars with towers, one tower fitting kit, one key set and a copy of the installation instructions.

I would like to fit roof rails to my Tesla. Do you supply these?

No, roof rails require internal roof mounts and are mostly fitted during vehicle manufacture. Tesla didn't choose this solution for their cars. How high above the roof will the bars be? The top of the bar is 115mm above the roof.

Can I transport a roof box AND bikes on my roof bars?

Yes, subject to remaining within the permitted roof carrying weight capacity of 150 lbs or 65 kg.

Do I need tools to install my rack?

You will just need simple socket wrench already included.

How much does it cost to have a Model 3 roof rack installed?

Our roof rack has been crafted and designed to be installed by one person. You can do so by following our installation guide. However, if you would like it to be installed by a professional, it should come around USD150 to USD500+ depending where you live.

Is a roof rack worth it?

Our roof rack will be the right solution for Tesla owner who go on family trip or practice outdoor sports frequently such as biking, kayaking or skiing.
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