Tesla Model Y All Weather Floor Mats

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Style: Front and Back Row mats
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Protective rubber floor mats for your Tesla Model Y.

Keep your Tesla Model Y protected with our reliable all-weather floor mats. Made of premium quality materials, our floor mats provide maximum protection for your Tesla floors against spills, stains, dirt, mud, and snow.

These all-weather floor mats are designed to cover as much of the exposed flat floor area of the vehicle as possible to help guard carpeted areas from dirt and moisture. The innovative raised edges and three-layer design means they will stay in place and protect against inclement weather.

Exceptionally good-looking and durable.

Protect your car's interior with all-weather floor mats designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y. These mats are truly perfect for your Tesla Model Y, not just the closest fit. They are made of quality rubber and feature a textured design that complements your car's beautiful interior.

Each set of our floor mats is made with a computer-controlled 3D laser so that they perfectly fit the car counter and gives the mat a carpet-like look. 

The long-wearing synthetic rubber used in our floor mats not only makes it durable and sturdy but also keeps it supple and flexible in both extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures.

Keep your Model Y clean and tidy.

Having a versatile and easy-to-clean set of floor mats can make a world of difference, especially when you’re planning to own a Tesla Model Y. Meant to fit seamlessly inside your vehicle, our high-quality floor mats will keep your interior spotless. In addition, they provide full coverage of potential interior stains.

The edge-to-edge design and reliable material hug the contours of the Tesla floor and provide an extra layer of protection.

You can also get rid of all the stains and odors by simply washing these floor mats with water. A water hose is all you need for regular cleaning, or you also can use car wash detergent for a deeper clean.


Options of different set subject to your choice: 

Set of Front and Back Row mats include:

  • One Piece Driver Side mat
  • One Piece Passenger Side mat
  • One Piece Second Row mat

Set of Trunk and Two small mats include:

  • One Piece Trunk Well Mat
  • One Piece Frunk Mat
  • One Piece Trunk Mat


  • Synthetic Rubber
  • TPE
  • XPE


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model Y.



What makes the all weather floor mats for Tesla Model Y a must-have accessory for your Model Y?

These aftermarket floor mats for your Tesla Model Y are a must-have accessory for keeping both your vehicle and cargo area looking great no matter the weather.

Our mats are designed specifically for your Tesla Model Y to give you great protection against spills, stains, dirt, mud, and snow. These easy-to-install mats are custom-designed to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Can these All-Weather Floor Mats be placed over my factory mats?

We highly discourage you to do so! Our all-weather floor mats are designed as a “stand-alone” floor mat and should not be used in conjunction with any other mat. These mats may shift to an unsafe position if placed over any other mats. It is essential that these floor mats be placed directly on the vehicle floor to fit properly.


Is there a difference between generic car floor mats and this one?

As opposed to any other universal floor mats, these all-weather floor mats for Tesla Model Y are uniquely tailored to your vehicle's floor and cover the entire floor. A raised side edge makes it impossible for dirt to get under the carpet. Furthermore, these floor mats feature triple-layer construction to provide all-around flooring protection while at the same time absorbing vibrations to ensure a more comfortable and easy ride.

What materials are used to make the all weather floor mats For Tesla Model Y?

There are three layers in these floor mats, which provide an extra measure of protection for your vehicle’s floor. It includes an upper layer of synthetic rubber, an inner layer of TPE and XPE, and a bottom rubber layer with anti-skid characteristics.

There is a slight "new rubber" smell when my all-weather floor mats arrive. Will this last forever?

These new all-weather floor mats are custom-cut for your Model Y, so a slight odor from the processing of the material may be present when they ship. The smell will quickly dissipate if you let them air out outside your vehicle before installing them. Additionally, some vanilla will help reduce the scent quickly.

Would these mats actually be suitable for any type of weather?

Without a doubt! Our premium quality all-weather floor mats are designed to protect your Tesla Model Y interior floors from all-weather conditions. These mats offer complete interior floor protection to help keep your Tesla model Y carpeting remain free of stains, preserving the value of your car. Waterproof and textured, these car floor mats will keep your car floors clean and dry no matter what the season is.

What is the best way to clean the Tesla Model 3 floor mats?

Maintaining your floor mats has never been easier. If they get dirty, simply clean them with a hose or wipe them off, and they're good as new. This durable mat's water- and stain-resistant surface makes it very easy to maintain them over an extended period of time.

Are these floor mats compatible with other Tesla models?

Our mats are precision-engineered to fit, look good and add a touch of personality to your Model Y. Other Tesla models may not fit properly as their designs differ.

Will my floor be damaged by all the anti-skid materials at the bottom of my all weather floor mats for Tesla Model Y?

Definitely not! The rubber material on our mat sits flush on the floor instead of making annoying scratching sounds like other floor mats. This prevents it from moving around, or causing friction, annoying noises, and eliminating any chance of affecting your floors.

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