Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Jack Pads Kit

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Protect Your Battery When Lifting your Tesla

It's no longer necessary to worry about damaging your battery or scratching your  exterior with this durable and high-quality Tesla jack pad kit.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these tailor made jack pads fit seamlessly into the specific jack points on your Tesla, allowing you to lift the car without causing damage to the vehicle.

So, relax and loosen up those tense muscles! With our premium quality lift pads kit, there is nothing that could go wrong.

Compact and ultra-portable

Interested in pucks but concerned they may fill up your car's space? Lightweight and ergonomically sized, these jack pads for Tesla have been carefully crafted to make sure that carrying them around never takes a toll on you. 

No matter where you go, you can take your pucks with you. With these handy jack pads, which come with a bag or case, you won't need much space, and they're not heavy, so you won't even notice they are there!

The next time you go to the repair shop, you can easily bring them with you! They’ll never be a hassle to carry!

Quick, Easy, and Reliable Installation

Put an end to fiddling around just to get your jack pad into the jack points! Due to its seamless design and precise size and shape, installing the pucks inside the Tesla's jack point is a no-brainer!

Afraid that the jack pads will come off? You can relax! Combining durability and convenience at their finest, these pucks promise to stay firm and will not budge once it is in place.

Now, you no longer need to worry about prying around the jack point! Instead, get a perfect fit with our innovative jack pad for Tesla.


Packaging Includes

  • 1x Tesla Model S/3/X/Y jack pads Kit of 4 jack pads



  • Rubber



  • Compatible with with all Tesla models (S/3/X/Y)



What are jack pads? Do I really need them?

Our jack pad kit is a must-have for Tesla owners. Lift pads allow you to stabilize your car when you use a floor jack, and they protect your car’s battery from damage that can occur from improper jacking procedures.

I’m worried that I’ll damage my Tesla battery pack if I use the jack pad to lift my car. Can this jack pad guarantee battery safety?

With the Tesla jack pad, you can be assured that there is no risk of any damage occurring to your Tesla's battery pack. As a sturdy, reliable, and safe product, our Tesla lift pads ease your concerns. 

Is this Tesla jack pad compatible with the Tesla model’s S, Y, and X?

Yes, our jack pads are compatible with all Tesla models (S/3/X/Y).

What makes this Tesla jack pad a must-have for my Tesla?

Invest in high-quality, highly durable lift pads to protect your car. Our lightweight design is convenient for all seasons and weather conditions. You can use them to protect any part of your Tesla from scratches or dents while you change a tire.

Is the installation too complex? What are the steps to use the jack pad on my Tesla?

No! It is a relatively quick and straightforward process. Your Tesla's jack point holes should be located somewhere on the front and rear corners of the vehicle.  Simply insert the Tesla jack pads into the clean jack points after you have located them. When the pads are installed, there should be no movement. There you have it! 

Can the jack pads handle the weight of my Tesla?

Thanks to their rigid, high-quality construction, these robust lift pads can withstand the weight of your Tesla with ease.

Is it necessary to have four jacks? Do I really need more than one?

While you may not always need all four Tesla jack pads, it is highly recommended you keep four on hand in case your car needs to be fully lifted. Remember that repair shops may not lift your car with a jack pad, so it is wise to provide them all four just in case. 

Once the installation of the Tesla jack pads is completed, do we need to leave them on?

No. The Tesla jack pads should only be installed when lifting the car and subsequently removed when safely on the ground.

Do I really need the Tesla jack pads for my Tesla when I can lift it using my own methods?

Although it is possible to lift your Tesla using other ways, it is strongly discouraged. The reason is that it could potentially damage your Tesla's batteries. To avoid situations where you will need to lift your car without our Tesla jack pad, we strongly suggest keeping it in your car at all times.

Does the jack pad system work with other cars besides Teslas?

Our Tesla jack pad has been designed specifically for the Tesla models. You may notice that our jack pads also fit other makes and models, but we don't recommend using them on those vehicles. 

Are the Tesla jack pads easy to carry?

Yes absolutely! With their sizing and lightweight construction, they are very portable. They also come with a case or bag, making transportation much easier.

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