Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Wheel Caps And Lug Nut Covers Kit

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Change the style of your Tesla quickly and in an Inexpensive way 

Have you seen how nice your Tesla look without its aero wheel covers?

This kit is an elegant addition to improve the overall aesthetics of your Tesla vehicle. After a quick and easy installation to insert the wheel caps and cover your lug nuts the wheels of your Tesla look pretty cool without the aero wheel cover!


Improve the maintenance of your wheels

The OEM aero wheel covers often hide dirts that gets onto the wheel and very often Tesla owners don't remove them to provide a deep clean. If you decide to keep your wheel cover, remember to remove them from times to time to provide a full cleaning.


Elegant and Discreet

Our wheel caps and lug nut covers kit is discreet and let the eye focus on the raw elegance of the wheel.


Pro Tip:

Store carefully your aero wheel cover in case you decide to put them back later or if you wish to sell your car.


Packaging Includes

The kit comes with:

- 20 wheel lug nut covers

- 4 wheel caps 

- 1 lug nut covers removal tool



Durable ABS plastic, our lug nut covers are resistant to rust, dust, and scratches.

Installation & Tips:

Easy to install by yourself.

Step 1: Take out your aero wheel cover: You can read our guide here to learn how to do it.

Step 2: We advise you to clean your wheels and the lug nuts properly before putting the lug nuts covers. It is a good time to clean all the dirt!  One of the issue with the wheel cover is that dirt get stuck behind it and on the wheel. As you can’t see it, you may not have cleaned your wheel for a long time,

Step 3: Simply put the lug nut covers over the lug nuts. Just a simple press on it will suffice to make them fit.

Step 4: Insert the wheel caps in the center of the wheels. 

Step 5: Repeat the process on the other tires and you will be good to go.


Compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.

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