Tesla Model S/X Yoke Steering Wheel

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Drive your Tesla like a racing car

The yoke steering wheel is the smart, stylish way to make every drive in your Tesla Model S or X a little more enjoyable

When you drive your Tesla Model S or X, you want to feel like you’re driving one of the most modern supercars on the road - that is why we are bringing you this Tesla yoke steering wheel. We have combined the right look, feel, and features to make your driving experience unique and even easier. 

The yoke steering wheel will give you the same feel as a race car driver's wheel right at home in your Tesla Model S or X!

Take Your Driving Experience To The Next Level

Delivering a whole new driving experience, the yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model S/X will have you set for many exciting and enjoyable trips.

It offers a driving experience unlike anything else on the market, one designed to make your road trip feel like a ride at the track. Its ergonomically-designed shape, comfortable grip and impeccable style will let you enjoy every mile of your commute to work or your next meet-up with your friends.

Uncompromising Build Quality

Upgrade your Tesla’s interior to a unique and stylish steering wheel, equipped with a grippier handle, hand rest, and enhanced ergonomics for effortless and comfortable driving even after a long trip. 

Wrapped in wear-resistant Alcantara leather, this Tesla yoke has carbon fiber on both sides to make sure your hands don’t slip or get fatigued. We designed our yoke steering wheel to be the piece that ties your Tesla build together and to be something you can use day-in and day-out without having to worry about wear down or age.



Packaging Includes

  • 1x yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model S/X



  • Carbon fiber
  • Alcantara leather


  • Compatible with only Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X Only



Does this yoke steering wheel for Tesla Model S/X really give a race-car feel?

Yes! The yoke steering wheel for Model S/X is the ultimate driving accessory. Aesthetics, comfort, and performance come together with our carbon fiber steering wheel. It lets you experience the thrill and speed of high-performance racing. Everything about this steering wheel exudes performance -from the sleek, aerodynamic shape to the concave thumb rests that simulate the feeling of gripping a racecar's steering wheel.

How is the driving experience with this yoke steering wheel For Tesla Model S/X?

Combining state-of-the-art engineering techniques with innovative design and meticulous attention to detail, this custom steering wheel is the best way to enhance your Tesla Model S/X for a revolutionary driving experience. This incredibly durable component is designed to improve hand feel, enhance grip, minimize fatigue and prevent slippage, providing you with an easier drive. This exclusive steering wheel will make your Tesla even better than new!

It's my first time using a yoke-style steering wheel. How will it affect my driving style?

The steering wheel may feel strange at the beginning. It might be quite a change from what you’re used to, especially when you need to do a 90-degree or sharper turn. But most people adjust to it quite quickly. The majority of users report that they became comfortable using it in less than a week and that they'll never go back to a regular steering wheel again!

Is this aftermarket yoke-style steering wheel compatible with my Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X?

Yes, without a doubt! This steering wheel is made with an original Model S or Model X hub for a perfect fit. It is also easily detachable, and you can DIY it as it requires no technical knowledge or skills. So if you decide to upgrade or replace your steering wheel, it's easy to swap back and forth.

Is it possible to use the Yoke Steering Wheel For Tesla Model S/X with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y right-hand drive models?

Yes, no problem at all! The Tesla yoke-style steering wheel is compatible with both left-hand drive and right-hand drive Tesla Model S and X models, and it is perfectly matched to the interior of both cars. So you can use it for your Tesla, no matter if you live in the United States, or in the European countries.

Does it require any special skills to install it?

Installing the yoke wheel on a Tesla Model S or Model X is a relatively straightforward process. In fact, you won't need any professional help to install this aftermarket yoke-style steering wheel. All you'll need is a few Allen wrenches and pliers for the whole process. It is just a matter of disconnecting the battery and driver airbag, then latching on the new yoke-style steering wheel and connecting back both the battery and the airbag. And Viola! You have a brand new yoke-style steering wheel adorning your Tesla!

Can it be used with Autopilot? If so, how well does it perform?

Yoke Steering Wheel For Tesla Model S/X enhances your driving experience when you're using Autopilot. At the bottom of the yoke are two hand rests where you can rest your hands to keep the Autopilot engaged. But the best part? Since your hands are resting on your thighs, you will not get tired as easily as you would if you were driving with a regular steering wheel. This lets you enjoy the driving experience long drives and road trips instead of worrying about sore hands!

Is there any danger that the airbags will go off? 

You don't have to worry at all about that! Since the installation of the airbag is non-destructive and it fits perfectly, there is no risk of it exploding.

Can I use this with Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y with regular steering wheels? 

Unfortunately, this yoke-style steering wheel is made to the specifications of Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X only. However, we do offer a different model for Tesla Model 3. Make sure to check that out!

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